POCO C65 may be on sale soon, spotted on the IMEI Database

The world of smartphones is getting richer with new players every day. This time, the latest development comes with the introduction of POCO C65 model, as detected in the GSMA IMEI database, and it will officially be available for sale in many markets. This information has been confirmed, and there are already eager users anticipating the release of POCO C65. We will now provide all the details about POCO C65.

POCO C65 Shares Similar Features with Redmi 13C

POCO C65 will carry the codename “air” and will be powered by a MediaTek processor. The internal model number is set as “C3V.” The model numbers listed in the GSMA IMEI database are 2310FPCA4G and 2310FPCA4I, with the “G” and “I” letters at the end indicating the regions where it will be sold. Therefore, POCO C65 will be available on shelves in both the global and Indian markets.

POCO C65 is essentially a rebranded version of the Redmi 13C, designed by the POCO team. However, there is a correction regarding the model numbers of Redmi 13C. We have noticed some errors in our previous information, and the correct model numbers are as follows: 23100RN82L, 23108RN04Y, and 23106RN0DA.

This information has been directly obtained from the GSMA IMEI Database, and the previous model numbers belong to a different Redmi model. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Redmi 13C will be available in Latin America because the model number 23100RN82L is intended for the Redmi 13C to be sold in Latin America.

POCO C65 Shines with Camera Performance and Fast Charging

Leaked render images confirm that Redmi 13C will have a 50MP main camera, which can be a significant attraction for photographers. Additionally, it is expected to offer better performance in terms of fast charging compared to Redmi 12C. The Type-C charging port will provide users with a faster and smoother charging experience. All these features will also apply to POCO C65.

POCO C65 aims to be the best among budget smartphones. This device will come with Android 13-based MIUI 14 out of the box, providing users with the latest operating system experience. This is a significant advantage in terms of both performance and usability.

POCO C65 is making its debut as a new player, and its detection in the IMEI database is big news for those eagerly awaiting its release. Sharing similar features with Redmi 13C and offering a budget-friendly option makes this device quite appealing. Users can benefit from the 50MP camera, fast charging features, and the advantages of Android 13 with MIUI 14. POCO C65 seems poised to intensify the competition in the world of smartphones.

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