POCO F4 Pro release cancelled, will stay a China-exclusive device

The Redmi K50 Pro has been available for the Chinese market for a few months by now, and it’s global market sibling, the POCO F4 Pro has finally been abandoned by Xiaomi. The device has received no attention by Xiaomi internally for a while, and it seems it will stay that way.

POCO F4 Pro release cancelled indefinitely

The POCO F4 Pro would have been the global market variant of the original Redmi K50 Pro, and would have been codenamed “matisse”, with the model number of 22011211G and L11, and would have featured the exact same specs as the Redmi K50 Pro. We previously reported that the device had been spotted on the IMEI database, and would’ve been released soon, however it seems Xiaomi has finally dropped the device, and suspended it’s internal builds.

The last internal build the device received seems to have been released in the 19th of April this year, and the POCO F4 Pro has received no updates since. This leads to the fact that the device has been abandoned, and Xiaomi will not be releasing the device globally under the POCO brand, and it will stay a China exclusive.

This is quite unfortunate, as the device seemed to be a beast, which featured specs like a Mediatek Dimensity 9000, 8 or 12 gigabytes of RAM, and it would’ve also been the first POCO phone to feature a 1440p display. Unfortunately, the device has been dropped, and we have proof, as this is the last build the device has received internally. Last activity for Global region of POCO F4 Pro was on April 19. There is no any newer build for F4 Pro.

A similar thing happened with the POCO F3 Pro, which also got dropped soon after the release of it’s Chinese counterpart. For some reason, Xiaomi’s high-performance Dimensity POCO devices just aren’t being released, maybe due to quality control failures or other reasons, or maybe they just don’t want to release them. However, we expect a high-performance POCO device to be released soon, as the POCO X4 GT has been leaked and confirmed as well.

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