POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro Comparison: The race of two performance beasts

POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro are finally launched at the POCO F5 series global launch yesterday. We are closer to the long awaited smartphones and the new POCO models look exciting. Prior to this, the POCO F4 Pro model was expected to be introduced. But for some reason, POCO F4 Pro is not available for sale.

This was very sad. We wanted the performance monster that has Dimensity 9000 to be available for sale. After a certain period of time, POCO developed its new phones, and the POCO F5 series was launched. In the article we will compare POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro. The new members of the POCO F5 family, POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro have similar features.

But smartphones differ in some ways. We will evaluate how much these differences affect the user experience. Should we buy the POCO F5 or the POCO F5 Pro? We recommend that you buy the POCO F5. You will have learned the details of this in the comparison. Let’s start the comparison now!


The screen is very important for users. Because you are looking at the screen all the time and you want a good viewing experience. One of the most important factors to consider in smartphones is panel quality. When the panel quality is good, you should not have any problems playing games, watching movies, or in everyday use.

POCO F5 series aims to provide a superior viewing experience. However there are certain changes. POCO F5 comes with a 1080×2400 resolution 120Hz OLED panel. This panel produced by Tianma can reach 1000nit brightness. It includes support such as HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and DCI-P3. It is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

POCO F5 Pro has a 2K resolution (1440×3200) 120Hz OLED display. This time, a panel manufactured by TCL is used. It can reach maximum brightness of 1400nit. Compared to POCO F5, POCO F5 Pro should offer a much better viewing experience under the sun. And the 2K high resolution is an advantage over the POCO F5’s 1080P OLED. POCO F5 has a good panel, it will never upset its users. But the winner of the comparison is the POCO F5 Pro.

POCO has announced the POCO F5 Pro as the first 2K resolution POCO smartphone. We must point out that this is not true. The first 2K resolution POCO model is the POCO F4 Pro. Its codename is “Matisse”. POCO F4 Pro is the rebranded version of Redmi K50 Pro. POCO considered launching the product, but that didn’t happen. The Redmi K50 Pro remains exclusive to China. You can find the Redmi K50 Pro Review here.


Here we come to the POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro design comparison. The POCO F5 series are Redmi smartphones at their core. Their homeland is rebranded versions of the Redmi Note 12 Turbo and Redmi K60 in China. Therefore, the design features of the 4 smartphones are similar. But in this part, the POCO F5 is the winner.

Because POCO F5 Pro is much heavier and thicker than POCO F5. Users always prefer convenient models that can be used comfortably. The POCO F5 has a height of 161.11mm, a width of 74.95mm, a thickness of 7.9mm, and a weight of 181g. POCO F5 Pro comes with a height of 162.78mm, a width of 75.44mm, a thickness of 8.59mm, and a weight of 204gr. In terms of material quality POCO F5 Pro is better. In terms of elegance, POCO F5 is superior. Additionally, the POCO F5 Pro comes with an in-display fingerprint reader. POCO F5 has a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button.


POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro comparison continues. This time we are evaluating the cameras. Both smartphones have exactly the same camera sensors. Therefore, there is no winner in this episode. The main camera is 64MP Omnivision OV64B. It has an aperture of F1.8 and a 1/2.0-inch sensor size. Other auxiliary cameras include an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle and 2MP Macro sensor.

POCO has made some restrictions on the POCO F5. POCO F5 Pro can record 8K@24FPS video. POCO F5 records video up to 4K@30FPS. We have to say that this is a marketing tactic. However, we should not forget that there are different camera applications. You can get rid of these restrictions. The front cameras are exactly the same. The devices come with a 16MP front camera. The front camera has an aperture of F2.5 and a sensor size of 1/3.06 inch. As for the video, you can shoot 1080@60FPS videos. There is no winner in this episode.


POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro have high performance SOCs. They each use the best Qualcomm chips. It greatly improves the high performance, interface, game and camera experience. The processor is the heart of a device and determines the life of the product. Therefore, you should not forget to choose a good chipset.

The POCO F5 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2. The POCO F5 Pro comes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 is almost similar to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It just has lower clock speeds and is downgraded from Adreno 730 to Adreno 725 GPU.

Of course, the POCO F5 Pro will outperform the POCO F5. Yet the POCO F5 is extremely powerful and can run every game smoothly. You will not feel much difference. We don’t think you will need the POCO F5 Pro. Although the winner is POCO F5 Pro in this section, we can say that the POCO F5 can easily satisfy gamers.


Finally, we come to the battery in the POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro comparison. In this part, the POCO F5 Pro takes the lead with a small difference. POCO F5 has 5000mAh and POCO F5 Pro 5160mAh battery capacity. There is a small difference of 160mAh. Both models have 67W fast charging support. In addition, POCO F5 Pro supports 30W wireless fast charging. The POCO F5 Pro wins in the comparison, although there is no significant difference.

General Evaluation

POCO F5 8GB+256GB storage version is available for sale with a price tag of $379. The POCO F5 Pro was launched for around $449. Do you really need to pay $70 more? I think not. Because the camera, processor and vb. are very similar at many points. If you want a higher-quality screen, you can buy the POCO F5 Pro. Still, the POCO F5 has a decent screen and we don’t think it will make much difference.

It is also cheaper than POCO F5 Pro. The overall winner of this comparison is the POCO F5. Considering the price, it is one of the best POCO models. It offers you a stylish design, extreme performance, great camera sensors, high-speed charging support at the most affordable price. We recommend purchasing the POCO F5. And we come to the end of the POCO F5 vs POCO F5 Pro comparison. So what do you think about the devices? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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