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POCO version of Redmi Note 10S found in Mi Code, just a rebrand

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As usual, a new POCO device is releasing this year, and as per usual, for some reason it’s another Redmi rebrand. This time, it’s a budget midranger that we recently reported on about how it finally received MIUI 13 Stable. So, let’s talk about it.

New POCO device found in Mi Code

Xiaomi’s subbrands, POCO and Redmi have always been in competition with eachother, despite the former just being a rebrand of the latter. However, due to Xiaomi’s strange marketing strategies, the rebrands usually get sold in Global markets like India, while the original Redmi devices are primarily released for the Chinese market, then sold into the global market. However this time, the device that got rebranded has never been sold in China, so it’s a global device that’s getting rebranded for the global market. This time, POCO is rebranding the Redmi Note 10S as a new device, and alongside that, there will also be a pro variant. 

The details about the device were found in Mi Code, and a month back we also found it in the EEC’s device certification list, and the IMEI database. There will be two devices, one codenamed “rosemaryp” and the other codenamed “rosemaryp_pro”. 

The device will most likely feature the same specs as the original Redmi Note 10S, with a Mediatek Helio G95, 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a 5000mAh battery, while the Pro variant may feature a 108 megapixel main camera. The devices will be based on the Redmi Note 10S’ NFC variant, codenamed “rosemary“, as opposed to the non-NFC variant, codenamed “secret“. There might be other variants based on the non-NFC variant, but only time will tell.

The devices will most likely release in around mid-August, with the “rosemaryp” releasing at around the same price point as the original Redmi Note 10S, and the “rosemaryp_pro” getting a slight bump in the pricing, due to being a pro model with (most likely) higher end specs. The devices will also be released under the model numbers of “2207117BPG” and “K7BP”, alongside their public codenames.

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