POCO X6 5G spotted on GSMA IMEI Database

POCO X6 5G, which has been detected in the GSMA IMEI Database, is eagerly anticipated to be launched in the coming months as a promising smartphone. This phone will be introduced as a rebranded version of Redmi Note 13 5G. Although the official release date has not been definitively determined, we have some important clues about its model number and some features. It will be launched alongside POCO X6 Pro 5G. Now we will reveal all the details of the POCO X6 5G. Let’s start if you’re ready!

POCO X6 5G in GSMA IMEI Database

The model numbers for POCO X6 5G are “2312DRAF3G” and “2312DRAF3I.” The “2312” at the beginning of the model number suggests that this device could be released in December 2023, indicating that users will need to wait a bit for this new smartphone. However, the official announcement date may not have been disclosed yet, so the official unveiling could happen before or after this date.

POCO X6 5G will be available to users in both the global market and India, reflecting POCO’s aim to cater to a wide user base and enable users in different regions to access this device. In terms of specifications, POCO X6 5G and Redmi Note 13 5G will share similar features. It’s interesting to note that Redmi Note 13 5G has the codename “gold,” while the POCO X6 5G has the codename “iron_p.” Both devices will use the Dimensity 6080 SOC, promising high performance and fast processing power.

However, as a difference, POCO X6 5G will have a 64MP camera sensor, while Redmi Note 13 5G boasts a 108MP camera sensor. Discoveries made through Mi Code confirm this feature, indicating that users will have to settle for a lower megapixel count. However, camera performance is not solely dependent on megapixel count, so we will need to see how significant this difference will be in real-world usage.

The detection of POCO X6 5G in the GSMA IMEI Database has heightened excitement for the release of this smartphone. Information about the model number and some features suggests that users should look forward to this device. However, more details are needed regarding the official announcement date, and we are eager to see how this phone will differentiate itself when compared to Redmi Note 13 5G.

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