Redesigned privacy indicators are coming to MIUI 13 Global!

New privacy indicators were added on MIUI 13 Global based on Google’s one. Xiaomi wants to take all control of software on the Xiaomi phones. So, Xiaomi is preparing a new redesigned privacy indicators based on their system instead of Google’s one. As you know, privacy indicators has been added on MIUI 11 but only for China.

Old privacy indicators were same with stock Android’s privacy indicators. Only difference is that the stock Android’s indicators on statusbar shows a dot instead of icon that is on MIUI.

These pictures from stock Android privacy indicators. After opening camera, green icon with camera shows. After few seconds camera icon turns to a green dot.

Similar privacy indicators feature is now available in MIUI 13 global version. Don’t get used to this feature because in the next versions, this system will be MIUI’s own system instead of Google’s default system.

New MIUI 13 Global Redesigned Privacy Indicators System

With the new privacy indicator system of MIUI 13 Global, a system in MIUI 13 Global is changing. A system very similar to MIUI 13 China is being added. When camera, mic or similar permission of the phone is used in the background, a icon of privacy indicator is displayed for a few seconds. Then it shrinks into a circular circle. When we press this privacy indicator, a new panel that is the same as MIUI 13 China welcomes us.

When you press on the application that uses permissions, it directs you to the application’s information. If you want from the application information, you can terminate the operation of the application.

This feature is currently not available on MIUI 13 Global phones. You can get this feature via updating Security app to latest Chinese one, ylu can download from MIUI System Updates Telegram channel. This feature will be added to all phones using MIUI 13 Global very soon. If you don’t know function of redesigned privacy indicators, you should read colored icons of statusbar article.

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