Redmi A1 to be released in India on September 6th!

Xiaomi releases entry level smartphones in addition to its flagship models as well. Xiaomi will release Redmi A1 smartphone in India! Redmi India team has announced it will be released on September 6th on their Twitter account. Follow their official Twitter account here.

Redmi A1

A few weeks ago we have shared Redmi A1 will be released soon. You can read the related article here: 2 New Redmi devices found in IMEI Database!

We didn’t have the release date of Redmi A1 but now it’s official. Xiaomi celebrates Diwali and they will announce Redmi A1 during the #DiwaliWithMi event. Model number of Redmi A1 is “220733SFG” and its codename is “ice“.

We don’t have the full specifications but according to a famous tech blogger on Twitter, @kacskrz  both Redmi A1 and Redmi A1+ will come with MediaTek Helio A22 chipset. Redmi A1 will be released with “MIUI Lite” installed.

Redmi A1+ is basically a rebrand of POCO C50. Also note that Indian version of Redmi A1+ will be different than the global Redmi A1+.

Redmi A1 has an artificial leather back just like POCO M5 that will be released in India also. The rear camera array is very identical to Mi 11 Lite’s. Redmi A1 packs 5000 mAh of battery and it will come in 3 different color variants: green, blue and black.

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