Redmi K60 Pro 1TB variant may not be released for sale!

Xiaomi had launched the Redmi K60 series, with the Redmi K60 Pro positioned as the flagship Redmi model. It boasts features like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and a 54MP Sony IMX 800 camera sensor. The 1TB+16GB RAM variant of the Redmi K60 surfaced recently, and it was expected that a 1TB version of the Redmi K60 Pro would also be released. However, it seems that the expected variant won’t be happening. William Lu has stated that there are no plans for a 1TB version of the Redmi K60 Pro.

Redmi K60 Pro 1TB Variant

There might not be a 1TB variant of the Redmi K60 Pro. It’s unclear why there are no plans yet for the Redmi K60 Pro, which is exclusive to China. Perhaps the K60 Pro is not in high demand among users. Therefore, while Xiaomi released the 1TB+16GB RAM version for the Redmi K60, they decided not to offer a 1TB version for the Redmi K60 Pro.

It is not expected that a 1TB storage variant will be made available for the Redmi K60 Pro in the future, but it’s worth noting that this could change if the sales situation changes. Currently, the available storage options for the device go up to 512GB+16GB RAM. We will continue to provide news on this device, which features a triple camera system and a high-performance chipset.


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