Redmi K60 series to be released officially!

The newer version of the “Redmi K” series will be introduced soon. Since Redmi K50 series was introduced last year, now it’s time for the Redmi K60 series. We have been sharing the rumors about Redmi K60 series earlier.

Redmi K60 series

This year 3 phones will be released in Redmi K60 series. Redmi K60E, Redmi K60 and Redmi K60 Pro. Redmi K60 and Redmi K60 Pro will come with MIUI 14 preinstalled out of the box. Unfortunately, Redmi K60E will come with MIUI 13 installed.

You can refer to our previous article if you want to learn more about Redmi K60 series you can click on this link: Redmi K60 series “first 2023 flagships” launching soon! Box and details leaked!

It’s official, Redmi K60 series!

We have already shared with you a poll that Lu Weibing posted on Weibo. In his previous post, he did not directly mention the Redmi K60 series and now Lu Weibing, general manager in China, shared a post on Weibo appreciating the interest of users on Redmi K60 series.

We are unsure when it will be released but we’re sure that Xiaomi works on Redmi K60 series since Lu Weibing points out to the Redmi K60 series. Although it has not yet been confirmed, Redmi K60 series is rumored to be introduced on December 27. We also assume the initial price of Redmi K60 series will be very similar as Redmi K50 series.

Redmi K series usually features a flagship CPU. As the name suggest you might expect Redmi K60 Pro to have the fastest CPU, but Xiaomi decided to use Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on Redmi K60. Redmi K60 Pro will feature Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Both are the fast processors for sure but it’s weird that “Pro” model uses a year-old CPU. On the other hand, Redmi K60E will be powered by MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset. You can also read our previous article to learn more about specifications of Redmi K60 series from this link.

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