Redmi Note 10S rebrand POCO device spotted on FCC certification

A POCO device that we have rumored earlier and defined as a Redmi Note 10S rebrand spotted on FCC certification.

The Redmi Note 10S rebrand POCO device on FCC certification

Earlier today, we have spotted the FCC certification page of a new POCO device that is a Redmi Note 10S rebrand. The device was initially under the Redmi brand with the name of Redmi Note 10S, but not so long after, POCO seems to have come up with their own variant under the model name of 2207117BPG. Moving on, the device also seems to be going to come with some differences, such as the default MIUI version.

Aside from that, There also seems to be some differences on RAM options on the Redmi Note 10S rebrand. On Redmi variant, the options are 8GB+128GB, 6GB+128GB, 6GB+64GB while on the POCO variant, they are 4GB+64GB, 4+128GB, 6+128GB. It is a shame that POCO variant will no longer feature the 8GB RAM option. But it seems like POCO variant, as an addition to the Redmi variant, is going to be adding in a new color option; blue. It seems like these are the only differences, and the rest of the specs are the same in both devices. You can check them out at Redmi Note 10S specs.

What do you think about these changes? Do you think they have a major impact, and if so, good or bad? Let us know down below in the comments!

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