Redmi Note 11 Pro got a tiny price drop in China!

The popular smartphone model Redmi Note 11 Pro got a tiny price drop in China, amounting to approximately 5%. The phone is now available for 1699 CNY, down from the previous 1799 CNY. This price change follows suit with other recent price drops for the Redmi Note 11 Pro in other markets. India, for example, saw a price drop of Rs. 1,000 last month. It is unclear whether this most recent price drop in China is temporary or permanent. However, given the competitive market for smartphones, it is not unlikely that other brands will follow suit with similar price changes in the near future. Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone or just trying to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news,

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand announced Redmi Note 11 series are unique phones with good price tag and performance. Redmi Note 11 series include 3 different models Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11 Pro, Redmi Note 11 Pro+. There are plenty of devices with different names in different regions.

note 11 pro price

Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is only the phone supports 120W charging among Redmi Note 11 series. It’s the first Redmi phone that can be charged rapidly. Fast charging like 120W charging technology is not something supported on midrange phones generally. Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is the perfect phone for people need fast charging but don’t want to pay a lot.

Regular Redmi Note 11 Pro comes with 67W charging but still a good speed compared to many phones on sale right now.

Redmi Note 11 Pro display, processor, and camera are the ones on Note 11 Pro+, with a battery capacity of 5160mAh and supports 67W fast charging. So Redmi Note 11 Pro is better for you if you have low budget.

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