Redmi Note 12 Pro explodes in the pocket of phone’s owner!

Redmi Note 12 series was introduced globally a few weeks ago, and the rumors suggest that a user’s Redmi Note 12 Pro explodes while it’s not charging. We know that there are Xiaomi phones that have exploded earlier as well.

Redmi Note 12 Pro explodes in the shirt pocket

The owner of exploded Redmi Note 12 Pro, Naveen Dahiya felt a warmth in his pocket and immediately took the phone out. He has not reported any physical injuries resulting from the incident.

We have images of the exploded Redmi Note 12 Pro, but Naveen Dahiya’s tweets about the incident are currently not available on his account.

I hurriedly take my phone from my pocket and place it on the ground to avoid it catching fire.Thank God, no harm has come to my health.However, the phone was completely destroyed. At the time of this incident phone not in use.
I called REDMI customer service the next day.

— Naveen Dahiya (@naveendahiya159) April 18, 2023

Xiaomi has not yet made an official statement regarding the explosion. We have previously covered the exploding Xiaomi smartphones in our previous articles and the phones usually do not have this problem chronically.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note7 disaster, explosions only affect a very small number of phones, and the areas where the Xiaomi phones explode are usually in Asia countries such as China and India. Any news of a phone explosion reminds to charge your phone using a certified charger and carry it in a way that minimizes any potential harm to your body in case of an explosion.

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