Redmi Note 8 Review in 2022

When you are trying to find a new smartphone, Xiaomi can offer you many different great models. While many of these smartphones are quite high-quality, they are also often budget-friendly as well. And Redmi Note 8 is a great example of a Xiaomi phone that is affordable and solid. So, if you are looking to buy a new smartphone that can offer you great features, check out this one. Basically this is a phone that can provide you with the quality you are looking for on the cheap.

One of the first things that you can notice about this phone is how good it looks. Because of its basic yet stylish design, it is a phone that many people want to learn more about. And behind its decent design, Redmi Note 8 has very good features. For example, it has a pretty nice quad-camera setup that can allow you to take beautiful photos. Also, it has a quite strong processor and a decently sized screen that can make many gamers happy. So, now let’s start examining the features of this smartphone to see what else it has to offer.

Redmi Note 8 Specs

Since there are many factors to consider when buying a new smartphone, picking one may be a difficult process. And one of the most important factors to check out are the technical specs of the phone. Because these features tremendously affect the performance of the phone as well as battery life and so on. Therefore if you are planning to use your new smartphone for a while, definitely look at its specs first. As far as these features, Redmi Note 8 is a good budget-friendly option.

This Xiaomi brand smartphone offers great features, especially when we consider its price. For example, it has a decently sized screen that gives a great visual experience. Then, couple that with its good processing power, this phone becomes a great choice for gamers who want a cheaper option. Also, all of these features come with a slick looking design and a light weight. So in terms of technical specifications, this phone is an option that many users can enjoy. Now let’s take a look at each section in detail and see what this phone has to offer.

Size and Basic Specs

When it comes to size, many people nowadays usually go for a bigger option. Because many people think that a larger phone can provide a more immersive experience. Also, a smartphone being big makes it more noticeable as well. However a smartphone doesn’t have to be huge to give these qualities to users. Besides, a smaller or moderately sized phone can be easier to use, especially if you have small hands. But these are not concerns to worry about with Redmi Note 8. Since this phone’s size is somewhere in between, it can offer both ease of use and an immersive experience.

As far as its dimensions, they measure around 158.3 x 75.3 x 8.4 mm (6.23 x 2.96 x 0.33 in) for this phone. Therefore it is neither a huge smartphone nor a tiny one. This mid-sized smartphone is also relatively light and easy to handle. Because it weighs around 190 (6.70 oz), which is quite light when we consider many other phones these days. So, this awesome smartphone can be a great option for those who want somewhere in between in terms of size. Moreover, its light weight can make it a good option for those who want a phone that is easy to handle and carry around.


As we have mentioned before, one of the reasons why people want a larger smartphone is due to immersion. Since the phone’s size also affects its screen size most of the time, people may be looking for bigger phones. Despite its moderate size, Redmi Note 8 has a large enough screen that can offer great immersion and visual quality. Because it has a screen-to-body ratio of around 81.7%. Therefore, even though it is not a huge phone it still has a decently-sized screen.

If we are going to be more specific, the phone has a 6.3-inch screen. And the screen of the phone takes up about 97.4 cm2 of space. So when using this phone, many users can be satisfied with its screen size. But the size is not the only thing that this phone offers in terms of display quality. Its IPS LCD screen displays visuals with great detail and awesome colors. Then the phone’s screen resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels and its display aspect ratio is 19.5:9. And against scratches and damages, the phone uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology as its protection.

Performance, Battery and Memory

While factors like screen size and visual quality are things that many users care about, another important factor to check out is the performance level of the phone. In terms of performance, Redmi Note 8 offers great features. So if you are looking for a budget smartphone with good performance, this phone is worth checking out.

Firstly the phone has Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 as its chipset. Then in its CPU setup it has four 2.0 GHz Kryo 260 Gold cores and four 1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Silver cores. Also it has Adreno 610 as its CPU and the phone runs on Android 9.0 (Pie). Moreover it is upgradable to upgradable to Android 11, MIUI 12.5 So for its price, the phone can have pretty good performance levels.

Besides, it has a very decent battery life with a 4000 mAh battery, but some users may not be happy with this. Along with all these features, the phone has five RAM and storage space configurations in total. The first option has 32GB of storage space and 3GB of RAM. Then the next one has 64GB of storage space and 4GB of RAM. Also there is another option with 64GB of storage space, but with this one you get 6GB of RAM. Finally there are two options with 128GB of storage space, one with 4GB of RAM and the other one with 6GB of RAM. Also, it has a dedicated microSDXC slot which you can use for more storage space.

Redmi Note 8 Camera

Nowadays one of the first features that people look for in a smartphone is its camera quality. Because almost all of us love taking cool photos that capture the beauty of the moment. And if it is also true for you, Redmi Note 8 will not disappoint you. Because the phone has a pretty decent camera setup for its price. However, we should also add that this setup could’ve been better.

First of all, the phone has a 48 MP, f/1.8, 26mm cam as its primary camera. It is possible to take many great looking photos with this camera. Then as a part of the phone’s camera setup, it has an 8 MP, f/2.2 ultrawide cam. With this ultrawide camera it is possible to take 120˚ photos. Then the phone has a 2 MP, f/2.4 macro cam for up close photos. Finally it has a 2 MP, f/2.4 depth camera for bokeh effect.

Aside from taking decent photos, you can also shoot 4K videos at 30fps with its primary camera. Also it is possible to take 1080p videos at higher fps levels. Also, the phone has a 13 MP, f/2.0 selfie camera, too. With the selfie cam it is possible to take 1080p videos at 30fps.

Redmi Note 8 Design

While specs of a phone are surely very important, the design features matter, too. In this regard, Redmi Note 8 is a great option as well. Along with its fairly decent technical specs, this phone looks great and has a beautiful design.

When you are handling this phone, you can easily notice that it is quite light. After this, you can check out its front side, which is mostly made up of its big screen. Turning this phone around you can notice how great it looks with a unique camera placement. The camera setup of the phone is at the top-left corner and the cameras are placed vertically. At the bottom-left corner you can see a small logo.

Also, the phone has a fair bit of color options to pick from: Neptune Blue, Moonlight White, Space Black, Nebula Purple, Cosmic Purple. For users who want a simpler look, black and white options can be great. However if you want a more flashy look, you might want to go for the blue one or the purple options.

Redmi Note 8 Price

As you can start to see very clearly, now this phone is a decent smartphone. In nearly all aspects, it offers great features that can make many users happy. However, what is really great about this phone is not limited to its features. Also, it has a very reasonable price and it is a budget-friendly option.

Redmi Note 8 was released on the 29th of August, 2019. Today the smartphone still remains a popular choice among users and it is available in many places. For example, in the UK, it is currently possible to get its configuration with 64GB of storage space and 4GB of RAM for around £169 or £249. Also, the phone is available in many other countries such as Germany and Netherlands. And you may see prices around €219 in Germany for the option with 64GB of storage space and 4GB of RAM right now. Moreover in some stores in other places, it is possible to see prices around $157 for the same configuration as of now.

While we should mention that these prices may change from region to region and store to store, they currently seem quite affordable. Also, the price of this phone may change over time as well. But when we consider the features that the phone has, its current prices seem fairly reasonable.

Redmi Note 8 Pros and Cons

If you want to take a look at the pros and cons of Redmi Note 8, here we have some of them for you. By checking out this list you can get a better idea on whether this phone is a good option or not.


  • A great design that looks simple yet beautiful.
  • Decent processing power able to run many apps and games.
  • Moderately sized and a light phone that is easy to handle.
  • Its screen has a good size and offers an awesome visual experience.


  • While the phone’s battery life is quite decent, it only has 4000 mAh battery.
  • Even though it has a decent camera setup, it could be better.
  • It can get heated over prolonged use.

Redmi Note 8 Review Summary

After checking out this phone’s many features including its technical specs, design and price, you might be starting to have an idea on if this smartphone is a good choice or not. However, if you are looking for a more concise review, here we have it for you.

In summary, Redmi Note 8 is a budget-friendly smartphone that has fairly decent features. It has a strong processor, an awesome design as well as a light weight. Although it may be lacking in some areas such as camera quality, battery life and others, it can be a great option for many users.

What Are Redmi Note 8 User Reviews Like?

There are many users who use Redmi Note 8 and it is a fairly popular smartphone. And just like any other phone on the market, it has some people who love it and some who dislike some features.

For example, some users are not happy with this phone getting heated with long use. Moreover, some other users don’t like its camera setup. There are also some other users who don’t like the battery length of this phone.

However, there are also many users who love this phone for its many great features. For example, many users like its great design, good performance levels, affordable price and display quality. You can share your opinion from here

Is Redmi Note 8 Worth Buying?

Since we took a detailed look at the features of Redmi Note 8, you might be thinking about whether it is a good option to buy or not. Basically this phone can be a decent option for those looking to get a nice smartphone that is budget-friendly.

While it may have some features that you don’t like, your overall experience with this phone can be fairly nice. However, it is completely up to you to decide whether this phone is worth buying or not. In order to do this, you can examine its features and price, and decide if it has the qualities you want.

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