Redmi Pad is here!

Xiaomi doesn’t stop creating new devices! In recent days we have shared there’s an upgraded version of Redmi G laptop is on the way. You can find the related article here. And now Redmi warms up for a tablet!

Redmi branded tablet: Redmi Pad

Image of “Redmi Pad” has appeared on Chinese social media website Weibo. We don’t know the exact release date for this new tablet because we have very limited information. Here’s the image of Redmi Pad.

This is either a unit without a camera or the Redmi Pad’s rear cover, as seen by the camera array. The codename of this tablet will be yunluo. Although the exact model of processor is unknown, a MediaTek CPU will be present in this tablet. Additionally, don’t expect it to include a powerful MediaTek CPU. This might change in future if a “Pro model” launches.

Also this new tablet will feature a Lite version of MIUI. MIUI Lite is used on entry level devices. We will keep updating you as we get more info. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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