Revolution in battery technology: What is Xiaomi solid-state battery technology?

Today, Xiaomi announced solid-state battery technology on Weibo that will revolutionize the battery industry. This new battery technology has a high energy capacity and is safer than regular batteries, making it a significant innovation for smartphones, as indicated by various tests.

One of the most significant differences between solid-state batteries and regular batteries is the shape of the electrolyte. Solid-state batteries upgrade the electrolyte entirely or partially to solid-state electrolytes, making them much more durable against impacts and providing longer battery life.

Advantages of solid-state battery technology

  • Energy density exceeds 1000Wh/L.
  • Discharge performance at low temperatures increases by 20%.
  • Success rate against mechanical shocks (needle insertion test) increases significantly.

The significant advantage of solid-state batteries is their high energy density. Increasing energy density in current chemical batteries has been a significant challenge for the industry. The storage capacity of solid-state batteries is two to three times greater than that of silicon oxide materials, significantly increasing the battery’s energy density. Moreover, the structure of solid-state batteries makes them more durable, significantly reducing the potential for short circuits in the battery.

The development and production processes of this battery technology still face significant challenges and cannot yet be mass-produced. However, laboratory tests show that solid-state batteries’ energy density exceeds 1000Wh/L. Xiaomi used a 6000mAh ultra-large capacity solid-state battery in the Xiaomi 13 prototypes. The final version of the Xiaomi 13 has a 4500 mAh capacity battery. The new battery technology is clearly seen to have a much larger capacity than regular batteries.

Solid-state battery technology offers high endurance at low temperatures!

The 20% increase in low-temperature discharge performance makes solid-state batteries more reliable in winter. Due to the characteristic properties of the liquid used in the electrolytes of regular batteries, the liquid’s viscosity sharply increases at low temperatures, hindering the transport of ions. This significantly worsens regular batteries’ discharge performance in cold weather. Replacing current electrolytes with solid-state electrolytes is ideal for maintaining discharge performance even in low-temperature environments.

We can see the new solid-state battery technology in many Xiaomi smartphone models in the coming years. The most exciting feature of this technology is that the high-capacity batteries will now be much smaller in size, and the thickness of the phones can be greatly thinner.

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