Should I switch to Mi Band 7 from Mi Band 6?

Xiaomi’s Band series has been a massive success, and now Xiaomi has officially teased the launch of its next fitness tracker, the Mi Band 7. To know the design, specs, launch date, and alleged pricing, also we will explain the question for you, ‘’Should I switch to Mi Band 7 from Mi Band 6?’’

Finally, the wait is over, and we know exactly how the Mi Band 7 looks, and even when it is going to be released. We also know some of its specs and the expected price thanks to a recent leak. If you already have its previous model Mi Band 6, and if you do not know whether buy this brand new model or not read our article before deciding.

Mi Band 7 is Coming

So, today the company has shared a teaser poster confirming that the Mi Band 7 will be launched on the 24th of May in China along with Redmi Note 11T series smartphones. Based on the teaser poster, it appears that the design of the upcoming wearable will largely be the same as Mi Band 6, which should not be surprising.

Mi Band 7 or Mi Band 6

The company is expected to launch a standard edition and NFC edition of Mi Band 7, which Xiaomi tends to release globally a while after the non-NFC model comes to market regardless you will not see any difference in the design. If the reports are to be believed, the fitness tracker will feature a 1.56-inch AMOLED display, which is the same as Mi Band 6 model.

Its screen resolution 490×192 pixels, this one is better than Mi Band 6, but there is a small difference, and we think that you will not see any difference. Additionally, there is always on display functionality on Mi Band 7, and multiple digital and analog faces. Mi Band 6 has the same features as well as Mi Band 7.

Some of the reports have also claimed that the device may include GPS, which is very good news, then there is a smart alarm and power-saving mode. Mi Band 6 has no GPS if you wonder. The battery could be 250mAh, which is decent for a device that does not consume basically any power. So, expect a long battery life.

The battery power has doubled after the Mi Band 6. There are also lots of fitness activities as uncovered by a logger. Finally coming to the price, as per the leaks the price of the non-NFC version of Mi Band 7 is unknown, however, the Mi Band 7 NFC version will be priced at around $40, but since Xiaomi’s Chinese prices do not directly convert into other currencies, it is unreasonable at this point. We also compared the Mi Band 6 and Redmi Smart Band Pro, if you want to read the full article, please click here.

Should I switch to Mi Band 7 from Mi Band 6?

Currently, we do not know all of the features of Mi Band 7 until the 24th of May but we know that the design and display are the same as Mi Band 6. If you own a Mi Band 6, we can clearly say that there is no major change in the features of the Mi Band Series, but if you are a tech-addicted and love to collect the Xiaomi Smart Devices then you can give it a chance.

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