Spotify and other payments now can be controlled via Google Play Store directly

So as may you know, some of the Android apps doesn’t use Google’s payment system to charge in-app items, such as subscriptions and payments. Google has launched a pilot program that seems like is going to change this now.

According to the Google’s recent post, it says(shortened);
“Recently, a discussion has emerged around billing choice within app stores. We welcome this conversation and today we want to share an exciting pilot program we are working on in partnership with Play developers.
Building on our recent launch allowing an additional billing system alongside Play’s billing for users in South Korea and in line with our principles, we are announcing we will be exploring user choice billing in other select countries.

This pilot will allow a small number of participating developers to offer an additional billing option next to Google Play’s billing system and is designed to help us explore ways to offer this choice to users, while maintaining our ability to invest in the ecosystem. This is a significant milestone and the first on any major app store — whether on mobile, desktop, or game consoles.”

Basically, from now on, Google will offer the developers to use Google’s billing system for such things as subscriptions, as it is most likely to be safer from others, as so user can basically control the subscription easily from the Google Play’s subscription page. Also again according to the new post, this pilot program will be available in Spotify firstly, as the post says(shortened);
“We’ll be partnering with developers to explore different implementations of user-choice billing, starting with Spotify. Spotify will be introducing Google Play’s billing system alongside their current billing system, and their perspective as our first partner will be invaluable. This pilot will help us to increase our understanding of whether and how user choice billing works for users in different countries and for developers of different sizes and categories.”

This might be a major change on how the subscriptions and payments work in An

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droid, as once this is properly out, it will be much easier for users to control every payment and subscription from one single page, which is Google Play. We will post more news about this soon whenever there’s an update.

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