Story of the New Xiaomi 13 Colors: Lei Jun and Sports Cars

Recently, Xiaomi 13 series was introduced in China with a big Xiaomi launch event. We shared with you product and product specifications at the event. One of the most remarkable parts of the Xiaomi 13 series was the new color options. Xiaomi 13 series, which has many matte color options, left a question mark in mind; why these colors?

This ambitious color palette is idea of Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. So why did Lei Jun want models in these colors? Do you think these colors have a special meaning, yes there is!

Reason for Xiaomi 13 Colors is Sports Cars!

Lei Jun recently shared a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. He talked about his interest in sports cars in post. Talking about spending a lot of time researching sports cars for several years, Lei Jun said that he finds the design of every sports car great. And he says that every famous sports car model has its own distinctive colors, and he’s right. Ferrari red, Bugatti blue, Lamborghini yellow, AMG green and McLaren gray. Sports cars that Lei Jun adores and their colors are the same as the colors of the Xiaomi 13 series.

Lei Jun, who wants to take a different and unique step in smartphone market, was inspired by sports cars while determining the device colors, quite interesting move. In fact, we have seen a similar move in Redmi K50 Gaming and Redmi K50 Ultra devices, special series Redmi K50 devices were produced with Mercedes’ F1 Team AMG Petronas. Partnership of Mercedes and Redmi had revealed pretty cool devices. So Lei Jun’s love of cars dates back to earlier times.

You can find all information about Xiaomi 13 series in this article. What do you guys think of the new colors and Lei Jun’s passion for sports cars? Do you think the new products will come in such different colors? Don’t forget to post your comments and questions below, stay tuned for more.

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