Technology That Makes The Screen Slippery! Oleophobic Coating

Oleophobic coating is an advanced display feature. While making your screen more slippery, at the same time, your screen does not hold liquid. And it is more resistant to fingerprint smudges. This technology is used not only in smartphones, but also in many devices with touch screens. Differently, Apple, which made the developments later, used the screen with Oleophobic coating feature for the first time in the iPhone 3GS device on 2009. Nowadays, most popular Phones has this feature.

Oleophobic coating

Advantages of Oleophobic coating

  • Liquid can’t stay on the screen.
  • Does not stain fingerprint smudges.
  • Does not get dirty easily.
  • Easily cleaned when dirty.
  • The screen becomes brighter and clearer.

How to Make the Screen Slippery?

If your device does not have this feature, you should use a screen protector that protects the Oleophobic coating or shows the Oleophobic coating effect. You don’t have to use a screen protector. There are also liquids showing this effect. But if you want to protect your screen and use this slippery and water-repellent surface, use a screen protector with an Oleophobic coating.

How Does Oleophobic Coating Work?

Oleophobic coatings has a properties that’s rejecting the oil. Of course there is no case of complete rejection. If you do a fingerprint test on a device with and without an Oleophobic coating, you can see the difference visually.

How Oleophobic Coating Protects Your Smartphone?

Don’t use detergent or abrasive substances for cleaning your screen. Also, avoid cleaning your screen with these substances, not just detergents;

  1. Window cleaners
  2. Bleach-based cleaning products
  3. Detergents
  4. cream cleansers
  5. T-Cut or cleaners like that

Those cleaners can completely remove the Oleophobic coating. And these cleaners can even scratch and damage your screen. To clean your screen, choose a softer cloth instead, you can use the cloth by slightly dampening it.

Recovering the Oleophobic Coating

If you have cleaned the screen of your device with the above materials before reading this article, you can restore the Oleophobic coating with following these steps.

  • Carefully clean the screen thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol without getting inside the screen. And wait for the screen to dry
  • Pour 10 to 15 drops of Oleophobic liquid onto your screen. Then apply it all over the screen with a nylon cloth. You have to be quick to do this because Oleophobic liquids dry fast.
  • Leave the device like that for 1 day so that the coating is completely set.

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