The all-rounder Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10: Specs, Pricing, and Availability

In this post, let’s talk about the Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro. The vacuum cleaner was launched back in 2021 and offers great utility. The product in question is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. It is fitted with five interchangeable nozzles, suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces. The device comes equipped with an interesting feature that lets it adjust the suction power independently depending on the situation. Let’s have a look at its features and pricing.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro Features

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro is a flagship device and it matches the capabilities of premium Dyson vacuum cleaners. The device has the typical minimalist “Mijia” design. The all-white body can be seen as a Mijia product at one glance, it looks great overall.

This Mijia vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 150AW DC brushless motor, with a vacuum degree of 22000Pa, achieving 97% lossless suction. To boost cleaning efficiency, the vacuum cleaner provides one-press dust removal. The product has a removable battery unit with a 450W working capacity and a battery life of up to 1 hour. Its battery capacity is 3000mAh. It also has a color LCD display, from which you can monitor the battery status and the current vacuuming mode.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 image

The Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Pro includes an electric anti-winding brush that can recognize the floor you are cleaning. Whether it’s ceramics, porcelain, parquet, or carpets, this feature allows the vacuum cleaner to adapt the speed and suction mode automatically. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has a unique brush that can cut and prevent hairs from tangling inside.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an electric mites removal brush. It uses the strong suction combined with the tapping action of the brush head to effectively achieve deep adsorption and removal of mites.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 parts
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This vacuum cleaner can filter up to 0.3-micron particles and remove allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and animal dander. It has an electronically controlled rotational suction and a wiper integrated brush, which improves cleaning efficiency and offers three mopping methods: dry mopping, wet mopping, and semi-wet mopping. It is also equipped with a 400mL water tank.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro comes is available at a price of $479.79. You can purchase the vacuum cleaner from Ali Express. It is available globally, however, there will be some shipping charges.

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