The Most Powerful LSPosed Module: XposedEdge

Xposed/LSPosed modules are so useful. You can hide apps from root, disable your sensors, make a new sensor like gyroscope. In this article you will learn the most powerful LSPosed module. You can set auto shutdown and reboot the phone. Or you can open airplane mode when device locked. There are so many customizable action!


Firstly install LSPosed and enable Xposed Edge. open LSPosed and tap modules icon. Then select and enable Xposed Edge. After that enable “System Framework”. Then restart the phone.

 enabling xposed edge

You can set an action all of these.


In this tab, you will see places of screen. You can assign a thing to these places. As an example right top. Enable it then tap on it. It will give you 7 section. Click, Double click, Long press etc.

tap a seciton and assign what do you want, toggle WIFI/BT, open an app, open a website, kill foreground app. So many features in the Xposed Edge.


In this tab, you can assign a thing to your buttons. Vol up, Vol down (except power button). And if you are using hardware buttons, you can assign these too. Just enable and tap the key which one do you want. Then select an action. Also you can add a key like Xiaomi’s AI button or Samsung’s Bixby button just tap “Add…” button then press the special button to add.

keys tab and sections


Xposed Edge has left and right side bars. If you want to use this bars you must assign sidebars to keys or gestures like first photo. And add your actions. When you press the button you was assigned, sidebar will shows.

Quick Settings Tiles

In this tab, you can add action as QS tile. As an example if you want open an app via pressing a QS tile use this. The app has so many assignable feature. Explore yourself little bit of that features. Select an tile and set what do you want. An example NFC. Tap action and select your action. Label is name of the QS tile. Icon is icon of QS tile.


In here, you can schedule all actions. An example, you can schedule WIFI to open at 03.00 P.M. or you can schedule dnd to open at mid-week, afternoon. Isn’t limited with that. Try and explore yourself. Tap schedule and tap add. Then selsct “as week”. This is easier that other one. Then select a time, select your days and select an action. Don’t forget tap save icon. If you don’t tap save, schedule won’t work.

App State

You can assign actions based on application opening, closing, focusing and losing focus. An example when you open Asplahlt 9, dnd mode will open automatically. and when you close the game it will close automatically.

More Triggers

In this tab you can assign anything you want to events such as charging the device, turning on the screen, etc. An example kill backround apps when device locked. You can assign everything.


Multi-actions are too useful. An example, if you want to turn off WIFI and turn on mobile data when the game is opening, use multi-actions. Just tap the multi-actions tab. Then tap add button. Then, tap add again, this time you will select your actions. Select your actions and save it. Now you can assign it to another state.

There are main useful things. You can explore other ones. You can do everything with Xposed Edge. But LSPosed is decreasing battery little bit. If it’s not problem for you, keep enjoy with Xposed Edge. Also you can backup/restore your config in settings.

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