The Pixel 6 feature has been on Xiaomi for years. Try it now!

The “Magic Eraser” feature was very prominent when the Pixel 6 series first came out. And this feature only avaliable for Pixel 6 series. This device came out in October 2021. This feature, which stands out so much, was already available in Xiaomi’s own gallery application. In fact, this feature was available for years. In this article, we will compare both how to use this feature on Xiaomi devices and a comparison of Google’s and Xiaomi’s erasers.

Xiaomi Magic Erase Feature

  • Select a photo from your gallery that you want to delete unwanted stuffs. Then tap the “Edit” button like first photo. And slide to left little bit. You will see “Erase” button, tap on it.

  • In there, you will see 3 section. First one is erasing manually. You selecting the item what do you want to erase. The item will be deleted automatically when the selection process is complete. Also you can adjust the size of eraser with red marked area.
  • Second one is removing straight lines. usually using for electrical wires etc. You need to select like second photo, then AI will automatically detect and erase the line like third photo.

  • The last section is automatically detecting people, and marking them. When you tap the “Erase” button on mid-bottom, it will erase the people. It also does this using AI.

Google Magic Eraser

  • Open Google Photos and select an image for deleting unwanted stuffs. Then tap the “Edit” button.

  • Then, Slide to the right little bit. You will see “Tools” tab. Then tap the “Magic Eraser” section.

  • And Select the thing for removing from photo. After selecting, Google AI will detect the object and erase it. Also Google’s AI will auto-detect the suggestions.

Magic Eraser vs MIUI’s Eraser Comparison

Here you see dog and human being erased. First photo is MIUI, second photo is Google’s Magic Eraser. This feature, which has been in MIUI for years, seems to be developed according to Google. Crosswalk, sidewalk, the stain left after wiping the person all of them much worse than Google’s Magic Eraser. But unfortunately this feature of Google, does not work in MIUI.

Although MIUI has had this feature for years, it is not as successful as Google. This may be because Xiaomi has focused on software innovations rather than developing such features. However, such features need to be developed for the end user. In addition, these features are important in terms of user experience.

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