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The Xiaomi General Manager was punished for leaking secrets

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According to some information we have received, Wang Teng, Henan branch’s Xiaomi General Manager was punished after being judged for a second degree leak in result of leaking the release time of new products. On the matter, Wang Teng forwarded the news through Weibo and said: Everyone knows how this company keeps secrets, right?

Xiaomi General Manager was punished with a warning and loss of perks and bonuses

Weibo content relating to the issue shows that on February 17, 2022, employees of Xiaomi Henan Branch made inexpedient talks on Weibo, which ended up with leaking the release of new products. After verifying the situation at hand, Xiaomi decided to deal with the employees involved.

Xiaomi General Manager was punished

The image above translates into:

The employee involved: China – Henan Branch – Wang Teng, due to the disclosure of the release time of the new product, according to the regulations, it was judged as a second-level leak, given a warning, canceled the annual promotion , deducted a personal performance bonus of 5,000 yuan, and deducted personal quarterly assessment points. 10 points.

Redmi K50G which is the first product of the Xiaomi Redmi K50 series was released on February 16 and first sold on February 18. On February 17, Wang Teng leaked in an interaction that the Redmi K50 standard version would be released in March and that seems to be the reason why Wang Tend, the Xiaomi General Manager was punished.

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