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Use Apple’s most popular Find My Friends feature on Android

Did you know that Apple’s one of the most exciting features Find My Friends also exists for Android devices? Google Maps app brings support for this feature to locate whereabouts of your family and friends. If Google Maps was not a part of your apps installed in your device, it is now time to make it so!

find my friends

Find My Friends Feature for Android

In order to share real-time locations between you and your friend or family member, you’ll both need the Google Maps mobile app installed in your and your friend’s/family member’s device. You can install it through Play Store:

Once you have installed it, open the Google Maps app to start sharing your location. Location permission access prompts may appear in the screen, simple allow these permissions. In the app, tap on the profile photo or the initial letter found in top-right corner of the screen. In the menu that appears, select Location sharing which is Android version of Find My Friends.

find my friends

If you have never shared your whereabouts with anyone before, you will need to share it with your friend or the family member before you can request theirs. Tap on New Share. In this section, you can select the time interval you want your real-time location to be available at before moving onto choosing a contact. Once you have selected your time interval, pick one contact and tap Share. Once it is shared, you can now make a request for their real-time location by selecting the contact and tapping on Request.

find my friends

A prompt will pop up notifying you that your e-mail address will be shared with them. You can disable this pop-up for the future actions and tap on Request again.

find my friends

Your contact will get a notification in Google Maps app and a mail from you for your request. If you’ve shared your location with someone before, you can see them at the bottom of the Location sharing dialog and redo desired actions in there.

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