Wang Hua responds to the rumor saying “Xiaomi’s car building having difficulties”

Wang Hua responded to the rumor that “Xiaomi’s car building has encountered difficulties”: the news is not true, and Xiaomi’s car is going smoothly.

A while ago, there’s been a new post saying that Wang Hua actually responded to the rumor about Xiaomi’s car is not going well, and is going to have difficulties. You can find the post here.

The post starts with saying “IT之家 1 月 3 日消息,小米公关部总经理王化昨日就“小米造车遇坎且小米汽车品牌没批下来”的传闻回应称,该消息不实,不存在所谓品牌需要批准的说法,此外小米汽车进展顺利。”, which is when translated, results into “According to IT House news on January 3, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi’s public relations department, responded to the rumors that “Xiaomi’s car manufacturing has encountered obstacles and the Xiaomi car brand has not been approved”, saying that the news is not true, and there is no such thing as the so-called brand needing approval.”, which Wang Hua clarifying that it doesn’t need some sort of approval. On top of that, the post includes “此外小米汽车进展顺利。” in the same paragraph, which is when translated, “In addition, Xiaomi cars are going well.” it says.

There is even a picture of it in Chinese, which is below.

Which is when translated, says;

And a sidenote, the post by Wang Hua is deleted.

Then the post goes on with “此前,微博博主 @理记 爆料称,小米汽车车型已经定版,酷似 Taycan,且截至目前小米汽车品牌未批下来,被列入到资本无序扩张概念。”, which is when translated, turns into “Previously, Weibo blogger @理记 broke the news that the Xiaomi car model has been finalized, which resembles the Taycan, and the Xiaomi car brand has not been approved so far, and it has been included in the concept of disorderly expansion of capital.”, and in addition, goes on with “目前,该微博已被删除。原微博内容如下:”, when translated, “Currently, the Weibo has been deleted. The original Weibo content is as follows:”. And here is the context that was in the Weibo post;

“小米汽车是个搅局的,我了解比较权威额消息是车型已经定版,酷似 Taycan,各种抄了一大圈。雷军蛮厉害的,我一直觉得他能把小米汽车做起来,不过小米也遇到坎儿了,听说是小米汽车的品牌没批下来(至少截止目前),被列入到资本无序扩张概念里了,可能将来不准叫小米汽车,只能给别人代工,大致是这么个意思。”

Which translates into;

Xiaomi car is a mess. I understand that the more authoritative news is that the model has been finalized, which is exactly like the Taycan, and it has been copied a lot. Lei Jun is very powerful. I always thought he could make Xiaomi’s cars, but Xiaomi has also encountered obstacles. I heard that the brand of Xiaomi cars has not been approved (at least so far), and it has been included in the concept of disorderly expansion of capital. In the future, it may not be allowed to be called Xiaomi cars in the future, but can only be OEM for others, roughly what it means.”

In short, the user is claiming that the car was not approved and it’s a mess. The Weibo post is deleted right after it became public, then which Wang Hua responded.

There is also another image saying that the Xiaomi’s car looks like Taycan, as you can see in the picture below.

Which is when translated, says;

Then the post goes on with saying “2022 年 8 月,雷军在年度演讲中透露,小米自动驾驶要全栈自研,已组建了 500 人规模的团队,计划到 2022 年底扩张到 600 人,目标是 2024 年进入自动驾驶行业第一阵营。”, which is when translated, “In August 2022, Lei Jun revealed in his annual speech that Xiaomi’s autonomous driving needs to be self-developed with a full stack. It has formed a team of 500 people and plans to expand to 600 people by the end of 2022. The goal is to enter the first camp of the autonomous driving industry in 2024.”, which tells us that there is activity on this topic and we will probably see a Xiaomi’s car coming soon.

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