What Are the Best Brands for Every Phone Feature?

When buying a phone, we want the best in every field. Phone brands on the other hand, claim to be the best in every field when promoting their phones. Best camera, best performance, best screen-on time.

Actually that isn’t the case. Although brands market it as such. For example, a Redmi device is a price/performance device but cannot take photos like a Pixel, or video like an iPhone. So which brands are the best in which areas?

Best in Photography – Google Pixel

There is no one who hasn’t heard of Google’s Pixel devices, you know that they are unrivaled in taking photos. Works perfectly with the specially developed Google Camera application. Modes such as HDR+ (ZSL, Zero Shutter Lag), HDR+ Enhanced, Night Sight, Astrophotography, Photo Sphere, Time-Lapse Astro turn it into a unique camera.
For example, Pixel 2 XL’s competitor on the Apple side is iPhone 8 Plus, but it takes even better photos than the iPhone X. Or the rival of the Pixel 6 Pro device is the iPhone 13 Pro, but despite the price difference, it can take better pictures than it.

Best in Price/Performance – Redmi

Redmi devices are unrivaled in terms of price/performance. Xiaomi’s sales policies make it stand out from other brands. You can get a flagship Redmi device for very low prices.
For example, the Redmi K30 Pro device comes with the Snapdragon 865 chipset and you can get it for $350. However, the Apple competitor of device, the iPhone 11 unfortunately gives lower performance and costs $700. In this case, it makes more sense to buy Redmi. or you don’t need to buy an iPhone 13 for +$1000 to use a 120Hz device, POCO X3 NFC is enough.
Redmi and its sub-brand POCO devices offer us up-to-date and high-end hardware at the cheapest price.

Best in Stability – Apple iPhone

Although Apple devices are expensive, they actually deserve their price. Apple’s iOS works much more stable than MIUI, OneUI or Google AOSP.
Hardware features are lower than other devices, but iPhone devices don’t make this deficiency felt in daily or business use. That’s why most business people use iPhone devices for its stability.
Also, iPhone video recording quality isn’t available on most Android devices. If you compare the video captured by Android devices with the video captured by iPhone, you will see the obvious difference in quality.
Apple devices don’t get old easily. You can still use iPhone 6 today, but Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a bit outdated.

Best in Battery Life – Xiaomi

If you don’t want to travel with a powerbank, you should choose a Xiaomi device. You know the huge charging speeds Xiaomi has reached. Moreover, with high mAh values, you do not need to worry about the charge of your phone while going out. Xiaomi reached 67W and +100W charging power years ago, now it has reached 120W wireless charging and 200W wired charging technology, it’s a Hypercharge. Thanks to this technology, a latest Xiaomi devices can now be fully charged in 15 minutes. That’s why Xiaomi devices have no rivals in battery life. If you’re a Pixel user, you probably won’t be able to go out without a powerbank, as it’s the same for iPhone devices. You can read all information about charging technologies from here.

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