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What Do We Do If Phones Don’t Have a 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

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Headphones are one of the indispensable parts of our smartphones. We can say that the history of headphones is the same as phones. Even the mention of “phones” in name of headphones proves this. Because even in the phones before the smartphone era, headphones were available. For years, we have used the 3.5mm jack to plug headphones into all our devices. It was such a universal protocol that it was available on every device. Until the last few years.

With the developing technology, new accessories introduced. Bluetooth headphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and even TWS headphones, etc. This process has progressed and now the 3.5mm jack has been abandoned. The comfort provided by wireless headphones attracted users. Smartphone companies primarily chose not to put the 3.5mm jack on their flagship devices. Then this process got even faster and nowadays most new devices no longer have a 3.5mm jack. So what are the 3.5mm alternatives? What should we do?

3.5mm Headphone Jack Alternatives

3.5mm jack no longer available on most recent devices. As we said, it’s now old and abandoned. But companies may have removed it, but they also offered an alternative. If your phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack (which is pretty common lately), there’s a lot you can do.

Use Bluetooth Headphones

Of course, the first solution that will come to mind would be a bluetooth headset. Nowadays, wired headphones are no longer preferred. Bluetooth headphones can be found in many types. Wired bluetooth headphones, wireless bluetooth headphones or even TWS headphones that are completely independent of each other. Choose one and start using it

Use Type-C/Lightning Headphones

If your phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm port, you can use another port. While the companies removed the 3.5mm connector, they added headphone support to Type-C sockets. For example, Google’s Pixel devices now have Pixel EarBuds with Type-C input. Likewise, EarPods with Lightning connectors are available for Apple devices. So as a result, if there is no 3.5mm port, consider your other port. A Type-C (Lightning for Apple devices) headset will do.

Use Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Connector

If you need to use 3.5mm, you can use Type-C to 3.5mm connector. It will be a simple and practical solution. Plug this device into your Type-C (Lightning for Apple devices) devices, and attach your 3.5mm jack headphones to the other end, that’s all.

As you can see, there are many alternatives. Removing the 3.5mm jack of the phone brands from their devices won’t affect users much. 3.5mm isn’t even preferred when there are Bluetooth headphones. Because a wireless experience is always more comfortable.

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