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What Do You Need to Do to Use Your Phone Longer?

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As you know, every device has a lifespan. Especially Xiaomi devices are preferred because they are cheaper than other brands. But, this cheapness has a price. Xiaomi devices wear out faster than other devices.

Alright, what should we do for a long-lived phone? Let’s get started then.

Use a Protective Case & Tempered Glass

  • Of course, we must protect the device firstly. Even the smallest accident can be costly, because screen repair cost competes with device price. And straches decreases your device’s worth, you don’t want that do you?

Use Original Device Accessories

  • Always use original equipment that came in the box. Fake equipment can be dangerous.
  • Fake charging adapter will risks device health. Unstable charging current can reduce battery health, damage parts, or even cause device exploding. It can be life-threatening.

Exploded POCO M3

  • Fake USB cables will cause trouble. It causes device charging slower than normal and problems in file transfer. It may damage device’s USB port.
  • If you use original accessories, will be free from risk and trouble.

Don’t Let Device Overheat

  • Overheating is always a problem.
  • Overheated device will cause a bad using experience. As a result of high device temperature, thermal throttling occurs and CPU/GPU frequencies decrease. This leads to device performance degradation. Lower FPS in games, more laggy user experience.
  • Besides, device functions such as mobile data, Wi-Fi, camera and GPS are disabled for protection during overheat in MIUI.
  • Also, hardware damage will occur in a device overheat for a long time. Low battery life, screen burns, ghost-touch issues etc.
  • So try to use device cool. Let it cool down when it gets hot, don’t use it while charging, don’t play mobile games for too long. Try reducing screen brightness.

Fewer Factory Resets, Longer UFS/EMMC Life

  • Yeah, factory reset can be a relief. A clean phone, less apps, it may feel faster. However, with each reset the data partition is formatted, which ages the storage chip (UFS/EMMC).
  • If your device’s storage chip (UFS/EMMC) gets too old, device will slow down. Processing times become longer, it starts to hang. If the chip dies completely, your device may not turn on again.
  • As a result, avoid factory reset as much as possible. Storage chip (UFS/EMMC) health is very important. A solid storage chip means faster R/W values and a smoother user experience.

Install Few Apps as Possible

  • Fewer apps on device, more space is left. Less resource usage, faster interface, longer battery life. Perfect!
  • You should be careful when installing unofficial apps. Unofficial apps can harm your device. More importantly, your personal data may be compromised. Try not to install .apk from the web as much as possible.

Use Custom Rom

  • When it’s time to EOL, your device will no longer receive updates. You begin to lack new features. This is where custom ROMs come into play.
  • If your device is outdated, you can use it like a first day by installing custom ROM.

LineageOS 18.1 installed Redmi Note 4X (mido)

That’s it! If you follow these instructions you will have a long-live phone.

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