What does reboot mean, and does it harm my device?

Without reboot device, you can last amount any time you want, some people have surpassed 1000 hours on their mobile devices without restarting/rebooting it. But, rebooting is actually very important to your device’s hardware.

What is rebooting?

Rebooting is giving your system a reset prompt, when you give the prompt to your system to reset itself, it deletes your cache and opens your device with a fresh mind to start only for your next command. Rebooting is important, because if your device stays open for too long, the cache may become full and your system apps won’t start working properly, giving you side effects like animation slowness, performance decreases, battery drain and many much more.

Does it harm my device?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, it actually helps your device to have a full system reset as prompted by you, the user. What a system reset does is, it resets your whole cache partition that has your app entry logs, small photos/videos saved from online apps, battery stats, basically everything you do inside your device.

It does nothing harmful to your device’s hardware and storage. It’s a healer for your device.


This was the explanation of Rebooting and it isn’t harmful for your device, in fact, like we said, it’s the healthiest thing you can do to your device. Never ever make your phone run over 250 hours, after 250 hours, you might experience some flaws in your system. That’s when you know that you need to reboot.

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