What Happened to Black Shark? No New Phones for a Year

Black Shark, known as Xiaomi’s sub-brand specializing in gaming smartphones, has been notably silent for the past year, leaving many to wonder if they will release any new phones in the future. Fans and tech enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting updates from the company, but so far, there has been no official communication regarding their plans.

Even the MIUI Code, a reliable source for Xiaomi-related news, suggests that the Black Shark 6 series might not be coming to the market. This has only added to the uncertainty surrounding the brand’s future.

Several potential reasons could explain the company’s current state of silence. It’s possible that they are facing development delays, production issues, or changes in market conditions and intense competition. The technology industry is rapidly evolving, and companies need to constantly innovate to stay ahead. Hence, Black Shark’s silence may indicate that they are working diligently behind the scenes.

Despite the lack of information, speculations and discussions within the tech community continue to circulate. Black Shark fans and potential customers hope for an official statement from the company, shedding light on their future plans and whether they are working on new products.

In summary, Black Shark has refrained from releasing new phones and sharing news for the past year. MIUI Code’s hints about the absence of the Black Shark 6 series align with this silence. Nevertheless, no official statement has been made regarding the reasons behind their inactivity or their plans for the future. As a result, the company’s future remains uncertain, leaving fans and observers eagerly anticipating any updates.

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