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What is the battery life of Xiaomi devices?

As smartphone users, we have always struggled with battery life of our devices. Old phones had much more lasting battery lives and with the rise of smartphones, it has significantly dropped. Then there came the battery friendly devices, one being Xiaomi. Xiaomi is actually quite famous for its long lasting battery life, but how long? Answer to that lies within today’s content.

Battery Life on Xiaomi

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To better appreciate Xiaomi devices’ battery life, we need to first look at what we have on others. Samsung for instance, although it produces a very premium vibed devices with great looking user interface, Samsung has always been inadequate on battery life.

On average, Samsung devices offers us 5-6 hours of screen-on time usages, perhaps 8 max, excluding the possible exceptions. Apple again, has produced a lot of devices that lasted 5-6 hours with screen being on. To be fair, Apple produced a few devices that last much more however battery life has not been the priority, not like it has been with Xiaomi.

xiaomi phone battery life

Now that we have covered a few bad apples, lets talk about Xiaomi devices and start from one of the old ones, Redmi Note 5 Pro. This was once a great device, and still is when it comes to battery. It offers you about 10h or more screen-on time usage based on regular usage.

We will not be able to go through all the models with great battery lives as it is quite a long list so only a few will be mentioned. For more, you can check our other article. A more up-to-date model would be POCO F3. This model offers you about the same screen-on time usage as Redmi Note 5 Pro, which is 10h and sometimes 11h or even 12h.


Overall, Xiaomi prioritizes battery life all the while not sacrificing from aesthetics, performance or anything you might think of that we love about our phones. It is quite nice to know that there is a brand out there prioritizing such an important aspect of devices.

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