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Which Redmi Phone is best? The best Redmi phone you can buy today!

As the phones get advanced and advanced, they also get more powerful and more feature-filled over time. But, “Which Redmi phone is best” brings one simple question is in mind. In this article, we will answer that question for the Redmi subbrand, which is also “Which Redmi phone is best?” question.

So, if you’re looking for the best Redmi phone you can buy out there and not having a limit in budget as well, this is the answer you’re looking for. This Redmi device is good for daily usage with it’s screen on time and battery life as well, while giving you amazing performance in games and demanding applications.

Redmi K50 Pro

Yeah, this is the phone you’re problably looking for in Redmi subbrand. It has the best possible combination of hardware that you can get today. We will explain the answer of Which Redmi phone is best and this phone in seperate categories for each hardware inside it.

Launch Date

Redmi K50 Pro got announced around 2022, March 17 globally with it’s pictures out globally. Then 5 days later, the phone got launched where you can order, which was 5 days later, March 22.


“Which redmi phone is best in body and look?” is being answered by Redmi K50 Pro. Redmi K50 Pro also pretty sits in hand nicely. It’s dimensions are 163.1 x 76.2 x 8.5 milimeters(6.42 x 3.00 x 0.33 in inches) and so weighs around 201 grams. While that might be little heavy for a phone, this phone’s main target is performance users, which makes the phone normal in weight.


Redmi K50 Pro has glass back just like any else phone. The phone supports Dual SIMs, and so you don’t need to get worried about using 2 SIM cards in this device. The phone is rated as IP53, which is dust and splash resistant. Fingerprint sensor is mounted in side of the phone, which is pretty easy to the reach and fast to use.


The phone uses an OLED display, which will give you better eyesight at night when using it as dark points that are being displayed in screen goes truly black. The display is 120Hz, which means it refreshes 120 times per second therefore giving the user a butter smooth experience.

It also uses dynamic refresh rate, which lowers the refresh rate when software detects that phone is standby in a screen, such as scrolling through an Instagram posts. Redmi K50 Pro has Dolby Vision with HDR10+.

The phone can go up to 1200 nits in brightness, which is pretty bright and will give you mostly clear vision in outside. The display is 6.67 inches, which fills the 86% of the phone’s front side. It also has a 2K screen(1440×3200 pixels) with 20:9 ratio, which is pretty standart for a phone like this.

It uses Corning Gorilla Glass Victus which is pretty durable and so you shouldn’t be worried abou screen cracks or breaks if you use it with a screen protector. Although a reminder, “glass is glass and it breaks”(jerry), so you still need to be aware to not drop the phone.


“Which Redmi phone is best with good combination of processor?” can be also answered thanks to Redmi K50 Pro.

In chipset, Redmi K50 Pro gets powered from Dimensity 9000 by MediaTek. Dimensity 9000, MediaTek’s first chipset that has important imrpovements over MediaTek’s chipsets. In CPU side, it uses Cortex-X2 core which is extremely performance orientated.

This chipset has 1MB L2 cache and so it’s able to run at 3.05GHz clock speed. Three Cortex-A710 cores that is able to run at 2.85GHz performance sided and the leftover 4 cores that is able to run at 2.0GHz which is efficiency sided Cortex-A510 cores  For graphics, Mali-G710 introduces us with 10 cores. This core is able to run at 850MHz.

So in end shortly, this is a processor that will never let you down in anything from games to daily apps, to demanding apps and more.

The phone comes in 4 variations, which is 128GB storage with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage with 12GB RAM, and 512GB storage with 12GB RAM.


“Which Redmi phone is best with good camera quality and best pictures?” is yet also gets answered with Redmi K50 Pro.

Redmi K50 Pro has 108 MP camera which is wide, with PDAF and OIS. The other cameras are 8 MP, 119˚ ultrawide, which you can use to capture wider shots such as a whole room in one single frame, plus it also looks good with thanks to enhancement comes with software after capturing the picture. And lastly, it has 2 MP macro camera which will help you to take close shots.

The phone is able to capture 4K videos on 30 FPS, 1080p videos on 60, 90, or 120 FPS, and lastly 720p with 960 FPS included with gyro based EIS.

Redmi K50 Pro uses 20 MP camera that is wide that can capture up to 1080p at 30 or 120 FPS for the selfie camera. And not only that, you can use Google Camera to capture even better shots. You can find out how to use it thanks to our installation guide.


“Which Redmi phone is best in sound and speakers?” cannot be totally answered with this phone. Phone has stereo speakers located in right side on both top and bottom sides. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a headphone jack. It’s able to play sounds with 24-bit/192kHz, which gives great sound quality so you shouldn’t be worried about the quality of the speakers.


One of other important phone factors is the battery life and screen on time. Redmi K50 Pro also does pretty good in this case which will not let you down in a daily usage. It has a Li-Po 5000 mAh battery, which is pretty large for today’s batteries in a phone, and so will last you for a decent amont of time in a day. The phone charges with 120W, which is incredibly fast compared to other phones.

It will charge the phone 0 to 100 in only 19 minutes, so you shouldn’t be worried about slow charging speeds as long as you use the charger that comes in box with the phone itself.

So at the end, this is the phone that answers the “Which Redmi phone is best?” question, as it’s pretty suitable for in any usage without any problems.

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