What is Google Camera (GCam)? How to Install?

GCam, short for Google Camera application, allows you to take your photo experience and photo quality to the next level with its many extra features such as HDR+, portrait mode, night mode. You can take much better pictures than your phone’s original camera with these features and other software enhancements.

GCam is a very successful camera application developed by Google for its phones. Google camera, first released with Google Nexus 5 phone, is currently only officially supported by Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices. In order to install this camera application developed by Google on other phones, some adjustments may be required by the developers. The hidden features in Google Camera are enabled and many customizations are added with the changes made by the developers.

Google Camera Features

The best features of Google Camera can be listed as HDR +, top shot, night sight, panorama, photosphere.


It helps to illuminate the dark parts of the photos by taking more than one photo. ZSL, the zero shutter lag feature, ensures you don’t have to wait while taking pictures. HDR+ works with ZSL on today’s phones. It may not give as good results as HDR+ Enhanced, as it takes multiple photos very quickly. However, it gives much more successful results than other camera applications.

HDR + Enhanced

The HDR+ Enhanced feature captures multiple photos for longer, giving clear and bright results. By automatically increasing the number of frames in night shots, you can take clear and bright photos without the need to turn on night mode. You may need to use a tripod in dark environments as you need to hold it steady for longer in this mode.


You can also use the portrait mode craze that started with the iPhone on Android phones. However, unfortunately, there is no other phone that can take portrait photos as successful as the iPhone. But you can take more beautiful portrait photos from iPhone with Google Camera.

Night Sight

You can use the advanced Night Mode feature on Google Pixel phones, which takes the best night photos among mobile phones, with Google Camera. It will work much better if your phone has OIS.

AR Stickers / Playground

Announced with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this feature allows you to use AR (augmented reality) elements in your photos and videos.

Top Shot

It chooses the most beautiful one for you among 5 photos of before and after the photo you took.


Photosphere is actually a panorama mode taken in 360 degrees. However, it is offered to users as a separate option in Google camera. In addition, with this camera feature, if your phone does not have an ultra-wide-angle camera, you can take ultra-wide-angle photos.

Why Everyone Prefer Google Camera?

The main reason why the Google camera is popular is definitely because there are so many options. As we mentioned above, the Google camera is officially only supported for Nexus and Pixel phones. But some developers allow us to carry the Google camera and use its features for different phone models. Other reasons for its popularity are that it is loved by the community and is said to be an advanced performance from the stock camera performance.

How to Install Google Camera?

You can access Google cameras by installing the GCamLoader application on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is to choose your phone model from the interface after downloading the application.

GCam Photos Examples

You can see Google Camera photo examples from our Telegram group. 

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