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Why People Choose Xiaomi? What are the Reasons?

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Xiaomi is growing day by day, increasing sales figures show us this. According to Xiaomi, its market share is 13.5% in 2021 Q4. It ranks 3rd on the list of the world’s top selling phone companies. And active MIUI users have exceeded 500 million.

Rising gross profit and sales figures are evident. There is a serious growth in company and an increase in sales figures. Alright, why users choose Xiaomi?

Definitely Very Cheap

Of course, the first reason why Xiaomi is so preferred is price. Xiaomi devices have a very cheap prices. It’s possible to buy a new Xiaomi device for a 150 – 200 dollars. However, this isn’t case with most other brands. For example, Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (veux) device, it’s a really mid-range killer. It has an exit price of around $289 now. But, Galaxy A52s 5G (SM-A528B), a Samsung device with almost the same specs, costs around $375. You see the difference. Here’s a valid reason why people should buy Xiaomi.

Offers Good Hardware Specs with Less Money

Yes Xiaomi devices are cheap, everyone prefers it. Moreover, despite this cheapness, most Xiaomi devices come with high hardware, not low hardware. Most Xiaomi devices come with flagship level CPUs, high refresh rate displays, and many more latest features.

For example, Mi 10T (apollo) device, powered by Snapdragon 865 SoC. Device comes with FHD+ 144Hz IPS LCD, 64MP IMX682 main camera, 5G support and 6GB/8GB – 128GB/256GB storage selections. In short, device is considered a super mid-range or flagship. But, device price is so cheap, 370$.

At this price with this specs is only available from Xiaomi. And, there is no iPhone that can be bought for the same price, on the Samsung side, Samsung A71 (A715F) is only choice available, but specs counts half according to Mi 10T (apollo). This is another reason why users choose Xiaomi.

MIUI – Useful Interface

Another feature that fascinates Xiaomi users is its UI. MIUI interface is loved by Xiaomi users. And MIUI has a many extra features, better than other phone user interfaces. You can install new themes, new fonts and new wallpapers on your device from a single application, with “Themes” app. “Focus Mode” so you can focus during the day, or “Floating Windows” feature available for open another application as a window within the application. Per-app manageable privacy settings, “Xiao AI” assistiant to do everything with voice commands and many more useful features are available in MIUI. Such a useful interface, a good reason to choose Xiaomi.

Appeals to Everyone

One of the most important reasons why Xiaomi makes so many sales is that it releases devices in every segment and for everyone. There are dozens of device segments under 3 brands (Xiaomi – Redmi – POCO). It’s up to your budget, you can buy a device for $150 or $850, the choice is yours. You don’t need to buy a $1000 phone for your grandparents, Redmi 10 (selene) enough. Likewise, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pisarropro) good choice for your sister. If you’re mobile gamer, POCO F3 GT (ares) better device for yourself. That’s why Xiaomi devices are sold so much, because there are so many devices and appeals to everyone.

It’s not a just brand. It’s a Big Ecosystem

We all know that Xiaomi doesn’t just sell phones. There are all kinds of Xiaomi branded products. Moreover, we even listed all Xiaomi brands in this article.

If you bought a Xiaomi device, it will come after that. Then you’ll have a Mi Band or maybe even a Mi Watch. Then a FlipBuds Pro. If you are a student and you need a tablet, Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu) good choice. Xiaomi Scooter is very good for going close distances quickly. Many more examples can be given in this way.

In short, buying other equipment compatible with your device will increase your user experience. Xiaomi which offers so many options to users, enjoys sales. When we put all these reasons together, it becomes clear why Xiaomi is chosen so much.

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