Why will new Xiaomi devices not support wireless charging over 50W?

Xiaomi is leading the world with its advanced wireless charging technology. The company has launched up to 120W fast charging technology that can fully charge a 4000mAh battery smartphone in just 15 minutes surpassing all the other smartphone manufacturers. However, we might never be able to experience this much wireless charging speed because Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone cannot support wireless charging over 50W.

All the smartphones and portable chargers manufactured in China cannot exceed wireless charging over 50W. This is because the Chinese government has wireless charger Wattage to not exceed 50W. According to the information shared last year by China’s ministry of industry and information technology, “From January 1, 2022, all mobile and portable wireless charging devices produced, imported, sold, and used in China should not exceed 50W”

China’s policies are normally stringently implemented across the country, this means that all the Xiaomi phones coming out this year will have wireless charging speed capped to 50W. Chinese authorities have not yet given a solid reason behind this restriction.

Why is China not allowing smartphones to support Wireless Charging over 50W?

Chinese authorities have not yet given a solid reason behind this restriction. However, one of the reasons could be the hazards associated with super-fast wireless charging standards. These include overheated cables and other components, which might be dangerous to smartphone users at times. Other typical drawbacks include a lack of universal standards, limited charging speed, and the requirement of a charging pad.

According to studies conducted by the Chinese government, wireless charging over 50W is extremely inefficient. It consumes too much power, dissipates too much heat, and emits electromagnetic waves that could interfere with critical services such as aviation, maritime navigation, and aerospace research.

Wireless charging has come a long way. It still feels like yesterday when it was introduced with Nokia Lumia 920. However, Wireless charging has slowly become common. More and more smartphones have started to come with this capability. Until last year, the technology was limited to the glass back flagships but now even mid-range smartphones have started to come with it.

It will be interesting to see what will be the future of wireless charging technology. With phones now able to be completely charged in just 15 minutes, do you think there is room for faster charging technology, or are we already at the pinnacle? Let us know in the comments. While you are here check out these 4 Safe and Fast Xiaomi Chargers.

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