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Xiaomi 12 users get VIP warranty feature on more countries

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Recently, Xiaomi 12 users get VIP warranty feature on more countries from Xiaomi Support Official Twitter Account. Another ambitious campaign from Xiaomi, this VIP support package contains very special and exclusive services for Xiaomi 12 users. This campaign has been announced for only a few regions for now, and there are many privileges such as extended warranty period and free repair opportunities.

Privileges of Xiaomi 12 VIP Support Package

There are many privileges available in this campaign, only for Xiaomi 12 series. For example, with 24-month assurance quality, you can have any manufacturer-related problem on your device repaired free. Or, your device’s screen is under warranty with the 6-month free screen replacement privilege. In addition to these, you can have your device repaired in a much shorter time with VIP technical services. Moreover, you can instantly contact your VIP customer team.

24 Months Warranty

As soon as you buy a Xiaomi 12 series device wtih VIP privileges and start using it, 24-month quality guarantee will start. This allows Xiaomi to fix all non-user device problems for free. With 24-months extended warranty period, your device is under the guarantee of Xiaomi. However, this will not apply to user-related problems. That’s why you should pay attention.

Free Screen Replacement

Your Xiaomi 12 series device that you purchased with VIP benefits, will have a 6-month free screen replacement warranty. As you know, screen replacement fees of flagship devices are quite expensive. However, with this VIP service package, you can repair the screen of your Xiaomi 12 series device quickly and free.

Out of Warranty Repair

This is one of the most ambitious advantages, if there is a situation that will void your warranty within first 12 months on your Xiaomi 12 series device, Xiaomi covers the cost. VIP users are privileged in this one-time campaign. It’s a really generous move that Xiaomi accepts responsibility even for user-generated faults.

Loaner Phone

Xiaomi has been involved in the “loaner phone” campaign of many brands recently, but this is a more ambitious campaign. If you are a Xiaomi 12 series user, you can have a loaner high-end Xiaomi device with your VIP benefits. While your main device is in repair, do not fall behind with your daily work with your loaner device.

Exclusive VIP Customer Service

Of course, if you are a VIP user, you must have a VIP technical service team, right? That’s right, with this Xiaomi’s VIP support package, you will have VIP technical teams. In this way, when you encounter a possible problem with your Xiaomi 12 series device, you will be able to get help from your technical teams quickly. A good service for quick resolution of problems.

Xiaomi 12 VIP Privileged Support Compatible Regions

This announced campaign is valid for Xiaomi 12 series devices. This offer is currently valid in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Briefly, this campaign, which was launched in Southeast Asia, will spread to the whole world day by day. Necessary campaign conditions have been added to region names as a link.

We liked this campaign announced by Xiaomi, because who doesn’t like such user-oriented services and advantages. Your VIP campaign starts the moment you purchase your device. You can find the Xioami Support’s topic link here, and stay tuned for more. You can express your ideas about Xiaomi 12 VIP benefits below.

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