Xiaomi 12S real device photos leaked, new secrets about it

While the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has not been introduced yet, the Xiaomi 12S started mass production and its real-life photos have been leaked. As expected, the Xiaomi 12S will be the same size and design as the Xiaomi 12. The only difference will be a new Leica-powered camera lensesand Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. However, do you know the secret behind the Xiaomi 12S?

Xiaomi 12S Live Photo

Recently, a real-life photoa of the phone have been leaked on Weibo, giving us our first look at the device. The phone appears to have a same glass back panel and a metal frame as Xiaomi 12. The camera lenses made by Leica.

We can’t see on image but we are pretty sure that, on the front, the Xiaomi 12S will have same display design like Xiaomi 12. The selfie camera is located in the top center corner of the display. Overall, the phone looks very sleek and modern.

Xiaomi 12S Camera Secret

While producing prototypes of the Xiaomi 12 series, Xiaomi made a prototype with a large sensor, as seen in the photo. Inside Mi Code, the camera sensors of this prototype were shared on our Xiaomiui Prototypes channel. One of the camera sensors tested on this device was the Sony IMX700 sensor, which was produced with Leica and used in the Honor 30 device.

It seems that IMX700 was tried on Xiaomi 12 and it was not used because it is a Huawei & Leica special sensor.

However, when we compare the size of the Xiaomi 12S and other camera sensors, the size of the camera sensors in the Xiaomi 12S seems to be exactly the same as the Xiaomi 12. The Xiaomi 12 Pro has a slightly larger camera sensor. Xiaomi 12 Prototype is the largest camera sensor. Inside this photo, the camera sensor used in the leaked Xiaomi 12 prototype is IMX700 because IMX700 has largests sensor inside found in libraries. IMX766 has 1/1.56″ size, IMX707 has 1/1.28″ size and IMX700 has 1/1.13″ size.

As a result, the camera sensors used in the Xiaomi 12S series will unfortunately be the same as the Xiaomi 12 series. The only difference will be the new camera lenses produced in collaboration with Leica. Xiaomi 12S will have IMX766 50MP main sensor, ultra wide and macro camera.

Xiaomi 12S Misc & Specs

Xiaomi 12S will have same specifications as Xiaomi 12. The only difference is new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and Leica powered camera lenses. You can view the features of the Xiaomi 12S from the table below.

Market Name (expected)ModelCodenameRegionsCamera SoC
Xiaomi 12S2206123SC (L3S)mayflyChinaIMX766 with LeicaSnapdragon 8+ Gen1
Xiaomi 12S Pro2206122SC (L2S)unicornChinaIMX707 with LeicaSnapdragon 8+ Gen1

Note, we said 2 months ago that the Xiaomi 12S codename will be diting, but Xiaomi made a change at the last moment and decided to use the diting codename on the L12 (Mi 12T) device.

Xiaomi 12S IMEI Record

By the way, there is an interesting change about the Xiaomi 12S Pro. In the Xiaomi 12S Pro manufacturer section on IMEI Record, Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co Ltd is written instead of Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd as in previous Xiaomi devices or Xiaomi 12S. This change applies not only to the Xiaomi 12S Pro, but also to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. So, the manufacturer of Xiaomi 12S Pro and Xiaomi 12 ultra appears to be Beijing. We don’t know why.

Xiaomi 12S Stock ROM

Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S will come out of the box with Android 12 based MIUI 13 version. Current Internal build versions are V13.0.0.5.SLTCNXM for Xiaomi 12S and V13.0.0.3.SLECNXM for Xiaomi 12S Pro.

Sure, the Xiaomi 12S real device photos are great. But let’s be honest: it is probably not as great as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra that were carefully curated and edited by Xiaomi’s marketing team. After these information, there will be some “leakers” on Twitter who say they will come to Xiaomi 12S Global. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi 12S series will only be sold in China. The only SM8475-based Xiaomi phone to be sold in the global market will be the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

So what do you think about Xiaomi 12S, comment your opininon right now!

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