Xiaomi 13 series has a major camera issue, even the Ultra suffers!

Xiaomi 13 series has been completely revealed with the release of Xiaomi 13 Ultra, it was introduced at the launch event on April 18. The series includes the Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and all three phones face the same camera issue, with users experiencing lens flare in photos taken in low light environments with a light source positioned directly into the cameras.

Xiaomi 13 series with extreme lens flare

Lens flare is actually an artifact that can be seen even in images taken by professional cameras, as a result of the refraction of light, producing some sort of colors in the photo. While lens flare is typically not something desirable in photographs, the Xiaomi 13 series experiences a significant amount of lens flare when photos are taken in low light situations with the phone aimed towards the light source.

As we previously mentioned, lens flare is quite natural, but some photos taken with the Xiaomi 13 series are full of random colors.

Here is an example of lens flare here, but don’t let this image fool you, we added this image as an example. This is most likely the result you will get when you try to take a photo of a random street lamp. The problem with the Xiaomi 13 series is not only street lamps, but most photos taken in low light environments have a significant amount of lens flare.

The lens flare issue can also be a concern for videos, even if you have the opportunity to adjust the framing while taking photos, the colorful artifacts caused by lens flare can be quite annoying in the videos taken in low light. While it’s not certain why this happens, but we suspect it’s a hardware problem. Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which is the best in the series, has been introduced in China and globally, but it’s not yet available for purchase in the global market.

Some users on Weibo (Chinese social media site) claim that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra takes photos with extreme lens flare, similar to Xiaomi 13. Some images have been shared on Weibo reveal the lens flare issue of Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

As seen in the images, this problem can be encountered most of the time, not just under streetlights. While the camera system of the Xiaomi 13 series appears to be well optimized, users have been reporting this camera issue. Xiaomi has yet to make an official statement on this matter.

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