Xiaomi 13 to feature same limited edition color options as Xiaomi 13 Ultra!

The new colors of Xiaomi 13 Ultra have been announced and now vanilla Xiaomi 13 will have the same limited edition colors. Xiaomi 13 offers a selection of unique limited edition colors however, it should be noted that the old variants have a glass back.

Here are the previous special colors of Xiaomi 13. Except for the blue one, all of them have a glass back. The new special colors, just like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, have a leather back cover. Let’s take a look at the new colors.

These new limited edition color options will be named as Starry Sky Blue, Cabernet Orange, and Ginkgo Yellow respectively. We cannot confirm the accuracy of the new color naming since we used an online translation tool, but we have included it in the article regardless.

And here is some images Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Ultra with new colors. What do you think about Xiaomi 13 and Ultra? Please comment down below!


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