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Xiaomi AI Speaker Review: A Surprisingly Good Speaker for Its Price

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Xiaomi has done very well with its line of phones and smart home devices from the start. Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Home, have sold various units, but can Xiaomi do the same with the Xiaomi AI Speaker? Today, we will review this device, which sounds surprisingly good for such a small speaker. This model performs all types of tasks as a Bluetooth Speaker. 

If you are already immersed within the Xiaomi devices ecosystem, it is advised that you should get this AI assistant. Xiaomi AI Speaker contains a rounded cylinder shape. The bottom half of the speaker is pierced with holes. The top of the device has controls needed to control the Xiaomi AI Speaker, like pausing music and increasing volume. It has a 2.0 inch full range speaker, supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2.

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker 2

Xiaomi launched the second generation model of its speaker last year. This model supports multiple devices for playback at the same time. The speaker comes with a deeper low frequency than the previous generation. The design of this model also helps in improving the effect, and it comes with a brand new sound algorithm which offers a wider dynamic range. If you consider buying it, you can check at Xiaomi’s global site whether there is a stock in your country or not.

It is small, which is only 8.8×21 cm. It is also compact, convenient sized, and easy to carry. Furthermore, it has a clean look. Xiaomi AI Speaker 2 animates multi-colored led lights when you speak. Red color indicates muted microphone. Blue ring indicates speaker level. It has four touch keys on it. It has a six microphone array. You can set the alarm clock, ask the road, and check the weather thanks to its voice control function. Even if you can’t find your cell phone, it can help you find it. Also, it can play for you anything, such as music and books.

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

Xiaomi AI Speaker App

To set up the device, you need to download the Xiaomi AI Speaker app and MI Home app on store. First of all, open the app and input wi-fi details. After that the speaker will connect. Secondly, your device will appear in MI Home, but it only functions as a shortcut. 

You can set some phrases for the speaker, like I’m home and the speaker turns on the TV, and turns off the air purifier. You can also say good night to turn your lights off. If you have filled your house with Xiaomi devices, the Xiaomi AI Speaker is the best choice in terms of usefulness amongst any other personal assistant. It would be a good combination if you have a Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera, check our review

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

Xiaomi AI Speaker English

Xiaomi corporate Google Assistant. The firmware and app now is entirely in English. You can change from the settings according to your language. A few years ago they were preparing and getting trained for other languages and thanks to that, Xiaomi AI Speaker can speak English, Hindu and more.

Xiaomi AI Speaker HD

Xiaomi AI Speaker HD’s sound quality is great and it has a lot of potential. It is equipped with a high powerful range speaker array. It supports intelligent voice interaction of Xiaoi AI Assistant. It also uses dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 technology. In 2022, its features are a bit outdated. 

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

Xiaomi Xiao AI

In 2020, Xiaomi launched its first smart speaker with Google Assistant. Before that, Xiaomi’s smart home devices’ usage has been limited in its international presence because its Xiaomi Xiao AI voice assistant only speaks Chinese. 

Xiaomi AI Assistant

With the Xiaomi AI Assistant, you will be able to command some things:

  • Set reminders and timers
  • Take notes, read books
  • Weather information 
  • Traffic information
  • Imitates animal sounds
  • Dictionary and translation apps

Xiaomi Ai Speaker

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