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Xiaomi Audio Product Lineup: Great Alternatives to Expensive Products

Xiaomi is currently selling truly wireless earbuds under both Redmi and Mi sub-brands. The company had also announced its first smart speaker in 2020. Nowadays, Xiaomi is focusing to expand its portfolio of Xiaomi Audio Products.

Obviously, Xiaomi mixes a lot of consumer products, and this is mostly about smartwatches, earphones, and other health-related products, but in China, they make a lot of cool stuff by partnering with sub-brands like Youpin, such as earphones that look like Apple AirPods. The products that we are talking about are not finished yet, and there are many cool Xiaomi Audio Products you have never heard of under the budget. Let’s start with some of them in the following threat.

Xiaomi TV Audio Home Theater Soundbar

Xiaomi TV Audio Home Theater Soundbar is the speaker of the home theater. It has deep bass. The bass is clear as a movie theater sound. It comes with the bass speaker subwoofer to make you have the best experience. There is no need for multiple speakers to make you feel like you are at the theatre. It has Bluetooth 5.0, and you can connect to Smart TV or phone right away. If you want to listen to music, it can be paired with a mobile phone. The soundbar is a combination of multiple speakers built into one speaker.

The soundbar has a Movie, Optical, Coaxial, Aux, and Bluetooth sign on the center of the speaker. Blue light indicates Bluetooth activity, and you can connect your mobile phone just by matching. There are many Xiaomi Audio Products, so do not confuse the model you are going to buy with the other products. Let’s look at this Xiaomi Audio Products’ specifics:

  • 5 Sound Units to Restore Real Sound
  • Standalone Subwoofer for Strong Steady Bass
  • 100W High Power with Superior Sound Quality
  • Theater Mode with Shocking Experience
  • Various Connections
  • Fabric and Aluminum for Elegant Appearance
  • Soundbar/Subwoofer Weight: 2.05kg/4.3kg
  • Soundbar Size: 900*63*102mm
  • Frequency: 35Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
  • Wall Mount Size: 430mm

This device has theater mode to enjoy deep bass and clear treble sound. In this You can experience the cinematic audiovisual immersive experience. Xiaomi TV Audio Home Theater Soundbar is also suitable for multiple devices, as we mentioned before. The speaker requires only three steps to connect your TV, mobile phone, and tablet: Connect a TV with cable, connect the adapter with both soundbar and subwoofer, then connect the adapter to power, connect the soundbar with the subwoofer, turn on the power just one button, and then you are ready to go!

Xiaomi Hi-Res Audio

Almost all Xiaomi Audio Products have Hi-Res Audio certification. Before diving into the Hi-Res Xiaomi Audio Products, let’s learn what High-Resolution Audio is. Hi-Res is basically an abbreviation of ‘’High-Resolution’’. It is a marketing and technical term for recognizing a type of audio with a sampling frequency greater than 44.1 kHz and 16-bit depth.

Unlike most smartphones, almost all Xiaomi smartphones uses a Hi-Res audio decoder. You should check if your mobile phone supports Hi-Res audio from the settings. Go to the settings and then sound effects; you should be able to unlock the feature.

If you do not have that feature on your phone, Xiaomi launched Hi-Fi audio amplifier for smartphones that you can buy from Aliexpress. Even if it sounds unofficial, it is official and is currently available. It works as a reducer for smartphones with a USB Type-C power connector. Thanks to this gadget, you can feel the Hi-Res sound quality.

Xiaomi HiFi Audio Settings

We will show you how to find the HiFi audio settings on the smartphone. You have to go for the settings. Next, you will see the sound and vibration section, tap, and find a couple of options. If you want to adjust the volumes of the music, games, media, alarm, or calls, you have to move the switchers simply. You can also see the sound assistant to adjust media sound in multiple apps; you can enable this feature too.

After these adjustments, let’s enable Hi-Fi audio on your phone if you have this feature. From the settings, sound and vibration, audio settings, advanced settings, and hi-fi audio, you should be able to find that option. Do not forget to choose your headphone type too.

Xiaomi Headphones

Audio technologies have improved much in recent years, and Xiaomi would not miss that train. There are two main types of headphones: in-ear and headband. The headband ones are more expensive, and Xiaomi Audio Products has not got a great range of headphones varieties only, Mi Foldable Comfort Headphones and Mi Bluetooth Headphones. Each year the company improves the Xiaomi Audi Products range, but the array of headphone products is low compared to the other Xiaomi products. Do not expect the high-end headphones for these prices, you can find the current prices on the Mi Store.

Mi Earphones Bluetooth

Xiaomi is famous for its best budget-friendly earphones. Their main target is India for these kinds of budget-friendly products. The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is priced at Rs 4.499 in India and is available from Amazon and Mi Store. It only comes in a white color option. You can read our another review of Xiaomi Miiiw TWS Earphones if you are interested.

When we first looked at the earphones, we all thought the same thing: It seems like Airpods! Mi follows the same style as Airpods; it has semi in-ear style design with a bud that sits in the ear pinnae. The earphones are lightweight; each of them is only 4 grams.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supports LHDC
  • Supports Swift Pairing
  • Gesture Control (double tap on the right bud to play/pause music, double tap on the left bud to summon a voice assistant, double-tap on either during an incoming call to accept calls)
  • 14.2 mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Environmental Noise Suppression
  • Fast Charging
  • Battery life of 4 hours earphones/10 hours with charging case


For consumers in the Xiaomi ecosystem, these Mi Earphones are a great addition. It gives you one of the best sound quality and average battery life.

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