MiiiW TWS earphones perfect for anyone on a budget

Xiaomi has TWS Bluetooth earphones that it offers with many sub-brands. After Xiaomi’s Redmi TWS earphones and Haylou products, there is another new brand, MiiiW. MiiW’s TWS earphones can be used for up to 25 hours, which is quite ambitious for its price.

Due to its price, it is not full of specs, but it has some features that will please the user. The charging box and the earbuds are white in color. The design of the box is similar to traditional TWS earbuds, the design of the earbuds is a bit more minimalistic compared to other TWS products.

Get the affordable Xiaomi MiiiW TWS earphones for $15

Specifications of the MiiiW TWS Earphones

First of all, it features dynamic 13mm drivers. While even high-priced TWS earphones have 11-12mm audio drivers, it’s nice that the MiiiW TWS earphones have a larger diameter. The battery life of the MiiiW TWS earphones provides up to 6 hours of music enjoyment when fully charged. With the charging case, you can use the earphones for up to 25 hours without having to connect an additional charger. The earphones can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

Get the affordable Xiaomi MiiiW TWS earphones for $15

As the connection protocol, the MiiiW TWS earphones use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Since this is an affordable product, Bluetooth 5.0 technology is acceptable, as it can be seen that Bluetooth 5.0 is also used in high-priced models.

The earphones are equipped with touch controls. You can perform 5 different functions with the sensitive touch controls. forward/rewind music, answer call, turn on voice assistant, start/stop music and refuse call.

Get the affordable Xiaomi MiiiW TWS earphones for $15

The MiiiW brand is only distributed in China. For this reason, MiiiW TWS wireless earphones are also sold only in the Chinese markets. You can buy the Xiaomi MiiiW TWS headset, which is enought specifications for its price and offers loud sound, for an average price of $15 on AliExpress and similar shopping sites.

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