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Xiaomi Cloud will stop syncing photos on your gallery, don’t forget to back up!

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Photos will no longer be backed up as a product it is going to be removed from Xiaomi’s cloud sync service “Xiaomi Cloud”. For a long time, Xiaomi phones offered backing up images and videos from the gallery. You can quickly get the files on your gallery from the cloud when you purchased another Xiaomi phone using your Mi Account.

Removal of gallery sync on Xiaomi Cloud

Xiaomi did not provide a date for shutting down the gallery sync, but it is made clearly apparent in an article that the feature will be discontinued. It is a good idea to check your photos if the gallery sync is enabled on your phone.

Gallery sync shutdown & Transferring to Google Photos

The photo backup feature will be disabled in 2022, although the precise date is not given you can move your current photographs to Google Photos even though Xiaomi Cloud does not allow for backing up new ones. You will be able to transfer your photos to Google Photos through Xiaomi’s gallery app.

Unfortunately, unlike Pixel devices, Xiaomi does not provide unlimited storage on Google Photos. The article they provided advises customers with data larger than 15 GB on Xiaomi Cloud to purchase more space on Google Drive. You can transfer all of your data as long as your Google account has enough space.

Transferring to Google Photos will no longer be possible after 2023. In addition to shutting down the transfer to Google Photos, your current photos in Xiaomi Cloud will also be completely deleted in 2023.

Xiaomi has also shared a step by step guide about how you can transfer your data to Google Photos. Here is the guide and a visual.

  • Click on the Move to Google Photos button
  • Select the Google account you want to migrate
  • Allow all relevant permissions
  • Choose whether to accept the introductory membership trials provided by Google or upgrade space according to the amount of space required for the migration (if the current space is sufficient, the migration will start automatically)
  • Back to Gallery app and check the migration status

You can also back up your data by starting a trial if you haven’t started trial on Google One yet. Although Google Drive doesn’t have a paid subscription in every country, Xiaomi has considered Google as a good option for moving to the another cloud service.

Xiaomi will also soon allow downloading all data from the Xiaomi Gallery directly for users who cannot access the paid subscription of Google Drive.

A tech blogger on Twitter, Kacper Skrzypek, has shared that Xiaomi will stop the gallery sync. Read his tweet from this link. You can read the official article shared by Xiaomi from this link. What do you think about Xiaomi Galery and Google Photos? Please comment down below!

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