Xiaomi teases its new Fast Charging Desk

As if a wireless charger that automatically aligned wasn’t enough, Xiaomi is releasing a wireless fast charging desk. Last year Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Multi-coil Wireless Charger, which would automatically align it’s wireless charger to the spot of the device on the charging pad. This time, it’s that technology, but on an entire desk. Let’s have a look.

Xiaomi Fast Charging Desk features & more

The Xiaomi fast charging desk is most likely just a prototype for a more balanced device, though the prototype model of the desk has up to 19 Qi charging coils, which allows the desk to charge up to 19 devices or more at the same time, though the speed of the charging coils drops significantly as you add more devices into the mix. The wireless charging desk features up to 20W charging per device, as long as you don’t go above three devices.

Does the fast charging desk feature wired charging?

Unfortunately, no. The desk only supports Qi wireless charging at the moment, and uses the aforementioned 19 coils to charge the devices attached to it.

According to Xiaomi, you can charge anything on the desk, ranging from phones to tablets, headphones or even smart toothbrushes, as long as the device you intend to charge supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which most devices do support. The desk isn’t launching any time soon, and we’re not sure if it will even launch, but if it does, we can assure you that we will review it as soon as possible.

(Source: ITHome)

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