Xiaomi files suit for leak of Leica camera app

Xiaomi just announced Xiaomi 12S series with Leica color tuned cameras and the phones feature a Leica modified camera app.

In recent days Leica camera app was uploaded on web and Xiaomi files suit for people leaking the camera app.

It’s said a member from “CoolAPK website” community went to a Mi Store and got the camera app from Xiaomi 12S series. It’s actually expected to this camera not working on other devices but unfortunately Xiaomi didn’t add any restriction regarding a prevention of using the camera app on other Xiaomi phones.

The Leica camera app may be used on a variety of Xiaomi devices, including those with cameras that haven’t been enhanced by Leica.

Xiaomi is pretty serious at this because it seems they submitted a new patch to AOSP that can add an SELinux policy preventing the shell user grabbing APK data files. Because the data files may include “private sources“. You can review it through this link. And the good news is Google is not likely to add this patch in their code. There are too many closed sourced apps working on Android out there but it’s very important to keep the Android operating system free.

If you don’t know what CoolAPK is it’s basically a Chinese alternative of APKMirror. There are tons of APKs included in this website. GetApps is the app market currently existing on Xiaomi phones in China. China has strict restriction against out of state companies and Google is one of them. So some Chinese phones can’t use anything from Google including Google Play Store.

CoolAPK was present on Xiaomi’s app market “GetApps”.

As seen on the screenshot CoolAPK is not present on Xiaomi’s app market anymore. Xiaomi is pretty strict at the leak of the Leica camera app. Not just leak of Leica camera app but they removed CoolAPK from their app store. As we explained earlier it’s an app market including many different APK files.

Xiaomi files suit and they already started to work with police. So what do you think about this Leica camera app leak? Please let us what you think in the comments.

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