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Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Review: Hearing the Magic

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is different from other earbuds with its noise cancellation. It is the innovative side of the earphones. It has several features and a sophisticated design. You can different modes of the Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro according to your scenario. It presents different modes such as office mode, airplane mode, and daily mode. This feature increases usage areas. The FlipBuds can cancel the noise for your sound pleasure.

These are the main features of Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro:

  • 40dB hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Dual transparency mode
  • 11mm super balanced speaker
  • Qualcomm®QCC5151
  • Fast charging technology
  • 28 hrs total playback
  • Dual-device, easy connection

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Features

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro’s most important feature is the 40dB hybrid noise cancellation capability. You can choose your buds mode. When you choose the office, daily, or airplane mode the earbuds cancel the noise according to where you are. These Xiaomi earbuds include a dual transparency mode. When you choose the transparency mode, you can stay alert to your surroundings without taking out the earbuds. It also supports voice enhancement. You can keep voice frequencies clear with this feature.

Xiaomi’s internal sound lab simulated real-life HRTF to restore the sound directions. Xiaomi thought everything for the user’s sound pleasure. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro has Qualcomm® QCC5151. It provides a next-generation experience with robust connectivity. It also provides crystal clear audio performance. The Flipbuds can be easily found with its “find your earphones” feature. Also, two sets of earbuds can be connected to one device at the same time. You can enjoy the movies together with a friend.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Design

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is designed with three microphones. It works together to process voice and environmental sounds separately. These earbuds can capture human voices thanks to this feature. It has an 11mm super balanced speaker. It offers delicate and deep bass with this feature. This earbud is tested with 5.000+ ear tests. According to these tests, The Flipbuds come with three sizes of silicone ear tips.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro presents a fast-charging technology. You can listen to music for 2 hours with a fast charge for 5 minutes. It can support Qi wireless charging standard with its minimal design. It also supports multiple charging devices. You can make easily connect your Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro to your Xiaomi phones. Also, you can connect to two platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows at the same time thanks to its innovative design.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is tested from different angles. It is presented to a user according to these tests. It is a minimalist and innovative earbud. You can easily make a connection with its features. It offers a streamlined design and fascinating sound quality. It can be a great alternative to an expensive audio products.

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