Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite: Very cheap professional gaming mouse from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite offers better features at a lower price. If you want to buy a good gaming mouse, you may have to pay high prices. Gaming mouse products of professional brands are sold at prices starting from $40, you can get a better one for $25.

The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite has a modern design, with RGB lighting that embellishes the design. It has a quality optical sensor and clicks. Its 5-level PixArt optical sensor allows you to use 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200 and 6200 DPI options. The optical sensor has a tracking speed of 220IPS. The 32-bit microprocessor ARM inside works quickly and coordinates with the sensor. It is very efficient and has a response time of 1ms. This way you do not have lag problems caused by your mouse while gaming, and you’ll be able to aim correctly.

Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite

How robust is the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite?

The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite’s gold microswitches trigger quickly and instantaneously, and have a long click life. In addition, the mouse is reinforced with IP54 rating and 5-layer protective. It resists heavy impacts such as falls. The body of the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite has two buttons on the side, these are forward/backward clicks added to prevent accidental tapping. The cable quality of the mouse is quite high, it comes with a braided cable that is very resistant to breakage.


The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite has similar technical specifications to professional mouse, and its price is impressive. It is not sold in global markets and is only available in the Chinese markets. You can buy this mouse on AliExpress and similar sites for about $25.

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