Xiaomi has added the screenshot frame feature to almost all devices!

Xiaomi has recently added an important feature to make taking screenshots easier and more convenient on their devices. Zhang Yu, the marketing director of Xiaomi and Redmi devices, introduced the “screenshot frame” function offered by MIUI. This feature was previously available on some Xiaomi and Redmi devices and has been developed to be included in almost all Xiaomi and Redmi devices over the past three years.

The screenshot frame allows users to automatically add the frame of their devices with a single touch after taking a screenshot. This enables users to add the device frame seamlessly through the MIUI gallery editor without the need to manually add the device frame or download additional applications after taking a screenshot. Zhang Yu mentioned that they haven’t considered adding the feature to automatically include white borders when the screenshot frame is applied, in response to users who inquired about such a feature.

This development demonstrates Xiaomi’s dedication to continually improving the user experience and making technology more accessible and user-friendly. The screenshot frame feature underscores Xiaomi’s commitment to providing a better experience for smartphone users. This feature could contribute to Xiaomi’s differentiation in the competitive smartphone market and gain popularity among users.

Source: Xiaomi, Ithome

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