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Xiaomi India announces battery replacement program inclusive to all Xiaomi smartphones

Replace your degraded battery in Mi Service Centre with the battery replacement program at affordable prices!

Xiaomi India has announced today a battery replacement program for all the smartphones in India to examine and replace if necessary the degraded or faulty batteries at affordable prices.

Battery Replacement Program for all the smartphones in India

When the smartphone products stop during as long as they should, it is common to think of replacing the battery. Xiaomi India has announced a battery replacement program for the users in India. This program helps you replace your faulty or aging batteries with new ones without having to go through the hassle of returning and receiving a new product. In all the ways, the initiative that this program follows is a quite well-intentioned move from Xiaomi  to improve the durability and life span of their devices as lithium-ion batteries are known to degrade over time.

This is in line with the company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring long-term product support for its customers and offering comprehensive services across all devices it sells. Under this program, smartphone batteries will be examined at Mi Service Centre and the battery replacement program will cover for the replacement of the original batteries in Xiaomi devices that turn out to be lower than the ideal health in affordable prices starting at ₹499, which is roughly about 6.5$ currently.

If you are suffering performance issues related to battery such as short battery life, throttling and heating, you can check the closest Mi Service Centre to you using this link. If you want to make sure that your battery is underworking, you can also make your own checks reading up on our How to Check Battery Health on Xiaomi Devices content before you send your device to the Mi Service Centre.

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