How to Check Battery Health Percentage on Android Devices

Xiaomi’s battery health percentage can be learned with the help of this article. It is a fairly simple method.


The curiosity of “battery health”, which started with Apple devices, is on the agenda of all users. This feature is available on some flagship devices of Xiaomi, but it is not displayed as a percentage. With this guide, we will be able to see the battery percentage very easily. We can do this with or without a computer. We can also measure with the help of a calculator.


How to check Android battery capacity

  • Open Command Prompt (cmd)
  • Type “adb shell”
  • If you did everything right in the ADB drivers guide, you will see this. “flame” will be your phone’s codename.
  • Type “dumpsys battery” and press enter
  • We can see a lot of information about the battery of our phone on this output. There are two information we need to look at here. “status” and “charge counter”. Status: 5 means your battery is full. We can look “charge counter” if our battery is full. Charge counter is our battery capacity. Get first four digits from output. So, 2368000 charge counter means 2368 mAh.

You can also do these operations using LADB. What you need to do is write dumpsys battery after connecting LADB. The output will be the same.

How to calculate battery health percentage of Android device

We need a math formula to calculate the battery percentage. After learning our battery capacity from the above guide, we also need to learn the battery capacity of our phone. Go to this page and find our device here and learn the battery capacity.

Math Formula for calculating battery capacity is (Actual Capacity / Current Capacity)*100. An example of using this formula is as follows: (2386/2800)*100. 2386 mAh is my current battery capacity and 2800 mAh is my devices actual battery capacity.

When we perform the operation, the result is our battery health percentage.The result may not be 100% correct. For the most accurate and real result, uncharge your device’s battery to 0% and charge it up to 100% in the off state.

We can calculate and see the battery capacity and battery health percentage of our Android device thanks to this guide. If your battery health percentage is low, it may be useful to discharge battery, fully charge it and try again.